Beaches of Tamaulipas will be under 5 hours from Queretaro with the new Tam-Bajío highway


The state of Tamaulipas hopes to increase its tourist market in Querétaro with the “Tam-Bajío” highway project, which seeks to bring the tourist destinations of this state closer to under 5 hours from Querétaro.

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During the inauguration of the tourist module of Tamaulipas, which will remain this weekend in Plaza Galerias, the undersecretary of Development and Tourism Promotion of that state, assured that 7 billion pesos are invested in this new highway and will connect with the city of Cerritos in San Luis Potosí, which will serve to shorten distances between the states.

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“Querétaro is really a very important place for us, we have detected month after month that the number of visitors from the state of Querétaro has been growing,” he said.  

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The road will pass through the magical town of Tula, the municipality of Malte and will end in the port of Altamira, one of the main exporting and importing ports at the national level, so that the road, in addition to being touristic, will serve the industrial and commercial of Querétaro and Tamaulipas. It will also leave tourists practically 20 minutes from the beaches of Tampico and some of the most visited tourist destinations.

“Apart from the commercial issue, where there is a very important participation in the industrial and commercial issue, as well as in the tourist issue, because that Tam-Bajío highway that will open in a few months, will allow us to connect the two states and they are two states that complement each other very well, with the beauty of Querétaro and the beauty of Tamaulipas allowing us to increase that number, obviously also in alliance with their authorities”, he explained. 

With this road, these destinations could be reached in a period of under 5 hours, that is, it would make it one of the closest beach destinations for Queretanos and it is expected to be ready in 18 months.

“A few months ago, our governor, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, laid the first stone together with the governor of Guanajuato, at that time, and a representative of the Querétaro government. If today we have good connectivity with Querétaro, we hope that this highway will further boost the tourism”, he concluded.

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