Founder & GM of Own Mexico and Owner & Operator of Bayside Real Estate

Thirteen years ago, my wife Erin and I started on a mission. Erin was working long hours in management. I was doing the same in the building industry in Canada. As our quality of life suffered, we realized we were living a lifestyle that no longer worked for us. We began researching how to move to Mexico. We had traveled many times to Mexico and were already in love with the country, its culture, and its people.

Our Path to Mexico

We got lots of concrete information from blogs and forums. Then we made the move. When our vision became clear, we created Own Mexico and Bayside Real Estate. Besides providing real estate services, we wanted to return the favor and provide information on how to move to Mexico in a one-stop useful resource.

Fast forward to today. Since 2010, we have expanded as a real estate agency to four locations and grown our team with the intention to provide exceptional quality and legal service to our clients. Through Own Mexico, we share information in webinars, workshops, blogs, and videos. We explore new subjects that come up in our day-to-day. We pour our hearts into this work because our followers share stories and reach out with questions they are struggling with. Some answers are the nuts and bolts. Some topics take some soul-searching.

Own Mexico Becomes Mexico Living

While “Own Mexico” in its inception was seen as an interjection that wanted to convey the idea that owning a dream home in Mexico was possible, it could be interpreted as overarching. The idea of Own Mexico was not only about owning property in Mexico but about assisting foreigners in becoming comfortable and confident as they learn about processes and responsibilities in their new Mexico life. We are updating the brand to “Mexico Living” to better communicate our core belief:

It is critical to understand the country, the risks, the rewards, and the process of making Mexico your international lifestyle or retirement destination.

“Mexico Living” evokes strong feelings of excitement about a lifestyle change and signifies the realities of living in Mexico and the ease of thriving in Mexico. Our objectives are to continue being a top resource for anyone wanting to move to Mexico and create a responsible lifestyle.

We will continue providing you with the same quality experience when you are purchasing a home. Our realtors share the lifestyle experience of the place with you. They are backed by a complete team of experts so that you are fully supported.

Our task in the upcoming months will be to update our communications. We would like to thank our customers and partners for your trust and support in Mexico Living. As always, feel free to reach out to us.


Brent May is the GM and Founder of Mexico Living. He is highly motivated and strives for excellence in order to provide the best service possible for foreigners buying property in Mexico. He understands some of the frustrations people may have while searching for a property in paradise and has learned from his own experiences buying and living in Mexico. Brent and his wife are grateful for the opportunities they have and to be able to live in a place most people vacation in. Brent’s extensive knowledge and experience in the buying process will leave you at ease while buying property in Mexico.

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