Man bites another man’s ear off at a Mexico City Metro station


MEXICO CITY.- A man bit another man’s ear off at the Xola Mexico City Metro station

The men began to fight and suddenly, one of them bit the other in the ear. The events occurred at the Xola station on Metro Line number 2.

Public transport police responded to the emergency call for a fight between two subjects that ended when one of them bit the other’s ear until it came off.

The ear was lifted off the ground by the victim, who carried it in the palm of his hand.

After the incident, the emergency services attended to the injured man, who was later transferred with the aggressor to the Public Ministry Agency where an investigation folder was opened.

The corresponding authority will determine the legal situation of the aggressor, who could go to prison for the attack unless the victim grants him a pardon.

Source: Quinto Poder

The Mexico City Post