The 10 Magical Towns of Puebla are waiting for you


What magical towns in Puebla should you visit on your visit to this state?

As we know, the state of Mexico City has different magical towns, which sometimes we do not know, that is why today we meet the magical towns in Puebla.

In fact, each town has some tourist attraction that makes it different from the others, be it gastronomic, artisanal, cultural, historical, etc.

Magical towns of Puebla.

Images of Magic Towns.

That is why in this short article I will tell you what you should visit and eat in the towns of Puebla.

So you do not miss the most important and impressive of this place. Are you ready, come and join me to meet them.

Before getting to know them, let me tell you that these are the best magical towns in Puebla that you should know:

  • Chignahuapan.
  • Cuetzalan.
  • Huauchinango.
  • Atlixco.
  • Cholula.
  • Zacatlan of the Apples.
  • Tlatlauquitepec.
  • Xicotepec de Juarez.
  • Pahuatlan.
  • Take it.

1. Chignahuapan: Town of the Spheres .


Surely you have already visited this town of Christmas spheres and I bet you have been delighted just like me. In its square you can see a Mudejar-style kiosk.

It is known as the town of the spheres because millions of spheres are produced there for Christmas, it has factories and workshops that feed the town, in my view I had the opportunity to attend a workshop.

Before continuing, let me tell you that its name comes from the Nahuatl chicnahui-nine and atl-agua and the suffix pan which means about, so the meaning is about the nine waters.

The Chignahuapan fair takes place in December, here you will find endless stalls where you can buy spheres, whether simple or even shaped, as well as sweaters and jackets.

In their stalls you will also find food from pozoles, pancita, garnachas and even tacos. A little tip that you should know is that there are not many bathrooms so take your precautions.

Another thing you should know is that once the afternoon arrives the temperature drops so dress warmly, in December you will see the lighting of the Christmas tree and the sphere.

When is the Chignahuapan Puebla fair? This fair called “National Tree and Sphere Fair” takes place from October 30 to November 8 at the Chinaguapan Fairgrounds.

What is the price of the spheres in Chignahuapan? The prices are varied because in my view I bought some earrings and a sphere necklace for only $10, I also made a sphere with this price.

But you can also find spheres like sleds from $300, a medium sphere with light at $200, so you already know more or less how much these crafts are.

2. Cuetzalan: A classic of the magical towns of Puebla


This magical town was originally called Quetzalan which means place of abundance of quetzals.

What is a Quetzal? I tell you that the quetzal was a bird of the Mesoamerican pre-Columbian cultures.

What is produced in Cuetzalan? The main production of this town is the cultivation of coffee, since it is the most important activity here since 76.2% of organic coffee is produced.

One of its attractions is the Sunday market where you will find crafts from embroidery to huaraches, and of course the gastronomy of this place.

Among its gastronomy we will find a drink well known as yolixpa that has pre-Hispanic origin, it is prepared with more than 20 local herbs.

Do not forget to visit its caves where you will have a great adventure due to the activities you can do and learn about its indigenous myth that it keeps.

Without a doubt, it is a town in which you will enjoy the tranquility and you will clear yourself of the city.

Finally, do not forget to observe the spectacle of the Papantla flyers, which are also called birds of the earth and are considered cultural heritage of humanity worldwide.

3. Huauchinango.


These beautiful flowers are grown in this magical town, so if you like flowers, this place is perfect for you, since you can visit nurseries.

What does Huachinango mean? The meaning of this town is derived from the Nahuatl word and is “In the wall of trees”

I tell you that one of the sanctuaries has a great story, which tells that at the burial of a man named Jesus, a muleteer arrived at the door of this church with the Augustinian monks asking to spend the night.

This muleteer arrived with a mule and a very heavy load, the next day the monks went to wake him up but he was no longer alone with the mule with the load.

After a few days, seeing that he did not return, the priests decided to see, and they were surprised that it was a box with a Christ.

The Holy Burial Lord, seeing this, was taken to other churches, but the image always returned alone, so they decided to keep it and name the church in his honor. 

But not only do we have these temples, you can also visit the “Casa de Tizoc” museum.

I tell you that this film was recorded in the Tenango lagoon; which was carried out by María Félix and Pedro Infante.

Before leaving this little town, do not forget to try its delicious gastronomy, I recommend that you try its famous enchiltepinado chicken.

4. Atlixco and its Illuminated Villa.

Atlixco and its illuminated town.

Magical Towns of Puebla Atlixco.

What are the characteristics of Atlixco? Its main characteristic is that its name is formed by Atlixco, which means Water in the valley or on the surface of the ground, this in Aztec origin.

In Nahuatl it is known as Quauhquechollan and which means Place of the quecholli eagle. It was inhabited by Chichimeca, Teo Chichimeca and Xicalancas, who attributed it to Tenochtitlán.

Let me tell you that this beautiful town is well known for its golden trout and its festivals such as Huey Atlixcáyotl.

This festival is celebrated on the esplanade of Cerro de San Miguel in the month of September where you will observe the dances and music.

I tell you that one of its main attractions is the Illuminated Villa, which is placed in the month of November and lasts at the beginning of January and is considered one of the best magical towns.

How much does the entrance to the Villa Iluminada in Atlixco cost? General access is 143 pesos every day, but there are also packages ranging from 330 to 660 pesos, where you can do various activities.

Among its gastronomy, do not forget to try the famous Jeripa, which is like a pudding but pink with sesame seeds on top.

The tradition of this sweet is for the feast day of the body and blood of Christ. What are you waiting for!

Another of the fairs that take place is the Christmas Eve fair where around 40,000 plants of all species are sold.

5. Cholula: Puebla Magical Town

Cholula Magic Town

Surely you have already heard the name of this little town a million times and I even bet that you have even visited it at least once in your life.  

The original name of this town is San Pedro Cholula which means Place of Flight, another of its names was Tlachihualtepetl which means The Hill Made by Hand and you can see this the moment you arrive.

Who founded Cholula? On October 27, 1535, Cholula was granted the title of city and on June 19, 1540, Emperor Carlos and his mother Doña Juana granted the coat of arms.

On your visit, you must go to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies which is on top of the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

This beautiful place, in addition to having temples and churches, another of its tourist attractions is the Museum of the City of Cholula where you will see pre-Hispanic and colonial pieces.

Another museum is that of Talavera, which is a material with which a wide variety of handicrafts are made.

With talavera you can make from vessels to a case for your cell phone, which I promise you will love.

What to eat in Cholula Puebla? Among its cuisine, you cannot forget to try the Choluteca soup and the famous elephant ears, which are large tortillas with beans, cheese and sauce.

Do not forget that it is a place full of musical performances and remember this is one of the most visited magical towns.

6. Zacatlán of the apples.

Zacatlan of the apples

Among the most beautiful towns in Puebla is Zacatlán, which is a great producer of apples, hence its name.

Due to this production this town makes the famous craft cider.

It is also the only town that has a huge clock in its square made of natural flowers and in the middle it has an apple in honor of its name.

Another of its attractions is the large mural that decorates its pantheon, which was made with mosaic remains, and do not forget to go to the viewpoint.

This is across the street and once you have seen the mural, it is a viewpoint made of glass and in which you will have a beautiful souvenir photo.

How do you get to Zacatlán de las Manzanas? The best way to  get  to Zacatlán de las Manzanas is by taking the Mexico-Pachuca Highway, taking the turnoff for Tulancingo and from there heading towards Huauchinango.

also knows the famous clock museum, where every hour a mannequin comes out of one of its balconies while a Mexican song plays.

Finally, don’t forget to try the cane water, buy a cider, and of course don’t forget its delicious pulque.

Without a doubt, it is the town that I have liked to visit the most, that is why I recommend that you eat its delicious hole barbecue.

How many hours are from Puebla to Zacatlán de las manzanas? If you want to enjoy this town then you must leave early since the journey is two hours by road, so you know

7. Tlatlauquitepec.

Magical towns of Puebla.  Tlatlauquitepec.

Among the magical places in Puebla we find tlataquitepec which is located at the foot of Cerro Cabezón.

In this beautiful place you will find a varied climate and also endless extreme activities to do on the hill.

How long does it take from Puebla to Tlataiquitepec? You won’t have to worry about the distance and the time you’re going to get up to get there early and enjoy the day, because you’ll only get 1 hour and 29 minutes. Amazing, right!

The name of this town comes from the Nahuatl Tlatlahui-color and Tépetl-cerro and that is why it means “The Color Hill”.

One of its attractions is the Plaza de Armas where you will have an unparalleled view of Cerro Cabezón.

In the same way we have the Puxtla waterfall, the tiger cave, the Xiliaco springs, its churches and convents.

I assure you that you will not die of boredom since you have many things that you can visit and you will even enjoy walking through its streets.

Within its cuisine you can taste the famous tlayoyos stuffed with beans, broad beans, potatoes and alverjón, let me share that one of my favorites is cottage cheese.

How to get to Tlatlauquitepec?  I recommend that you take highway 129. From Xalapa, Veracruz to this Magical Town and you have to go to Perote and then take highway 131 to Tezuintlán where you take highway 129 that takes us to  Tlatlauquitepec.

8. Xicotepec de Juarez.

Magical Towns of Puebla: Xicotepec de Juárez

This little town is perfect for those people who love cloudy and rainy climates.

What does the name Xicotepec mean? Xicotepec has a coffee aroma. Its name derives from Nahuatl and means  “hill of the bumblebees”.

In addition, in this place you can enjoy delicious coffee at any time of the day, and it will be your best companion on this trip.

As a small fact, if you want to enjoy the view of this site, you must climb Cerro El Tabacal.

In this same place you can also see the 20-meter-high Virgin of Guadalupe.

Among its tourist attractions you can visit the Casa Carranza Museum where you will observe objects of this iconic character of Mexican history.

Another attraction is their tours of their coffee plantations where they will explain how coffee is made. I want to share with you that I am a coffee lover and that I would not miss this experience for anything.

During your stay you must try the tinga stuffed molotes which are very peculiar due to their bite size.

Don’t forget to try their artisan soursop, orange, passion fruit and of course coffee liqueurs.

To finish, you cannot leave without a craft made from coffee beans such as a bracelet or a necklace.

And if you are not a fan of coffee, you can also buy a craft made with river stone.

9. Pahuatlan.

matte paper

In Pahuatlán magical town you can enjoy a great coffee and its tourist attractions which will fill you with adrenaline.

Well, here you can cross the famous suspension bridge that goes from Pahuatlán to Xolotla, which crosses the Pahuatlita River. Do you dare to cross this suspension bridge? .

Among its tourist attractions you will find the viewpoint of Ahila, this suspension bridge that I already mentioned, the temple of Santiago Apóstol and the Papantla flyers.

Also among its gastronomy you should try the flower-based stews and the husk tamale with corn husk.

Finally, if you have the opportunity to find a workshop where the crafts of this place are made, do not hesitate to visit it.

Since its main craft in this beautiful town is the elaboration of amate paper.

10. Tetela: The last of the magical towns of Puebla:


What does the word tetela mean? It is of Nahuatl origin Tetl which means hill and Tla which means abundance particle which together means Abundance of Hills or Where there are Teteles.  

The name is Tetela de Ocampo and it was founded by four Chichimeca tribes, it preserves its traditions.

One of them is the carnival of the huehue de chirrión which has unique characteristics.

One of its tourist attractions is the viewpoint which is fifteen minutes from downtown and can only be accessed by car.

I recommend that since you are here, do not forget to take a photo because the view is great and I assure you that it will look great on your feed.

Another of them is the Tetela de Ocampo Hemicycle which is in honor of the three Juanes of the Sierra Norte who have a great role in the history of this little town.

If you want to do another activity then visit the hill of the friars where you can do ecotourism because you can go hiking and rappelling in an extreme way. Run and live this experience!

Of the magical towns of Puebla, it is the only one that has this great opportunity for hiking.

Among its gastronomy you will find the famous pot mole and turkey mole.

How much does the ticket to Tetela de Ocampo cost? If you liked this magical town and want to get to know it, here I leave you the fastest way to go from Mexico Terminal TAPO to  Tétela de Ocampo  is to drive, which costs from $320 to $470 and takes 2h 54m.

What towns are in Puebla?

If you loved these magical towns here I leave you the list of names, tell me which was your favorite.

  • Pahuatlan.
  • Atlixco.
  • Cuetzalan.
  • Huauchinango.
  • Tlatlauquitepec.
  • Cholula.
  • Zacatlan.
  • Xicotepec.
  • Chignahuapa.
  • Tetela
Papantla Flyers

What is the most beautiful town in Puebla?

For many travelers, one of the most beautiful towns is Pahuatlán where you will enjoy 100% adrenaline.

This town is perfect for adventure lovers, since here you can go hiking, cross a river, ride a bike, etc.

Magical towns in Puebla.

But well, that depends on your tastes and to be honest, the magical town that caught my attention the most was Xicotepec because, as I mentioned before, I am a coffee lover.

Puebla is undoubtedly a state full of traditions and in each of its towns you will find a festival or fair that will amaze you with the dances and music that are performed there.

As well as the great variety of flowers that you will find in them that are grown in each of the 9 magical towns of the state of Puebla as well as their artisanal apples from Zacatlán.

Now that you know what you will find in each of these towns, which one will you visit?, whichever you choose, I bet you will be delighted and you will not regret your decision.


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