Is It Possible to Play Video Games on Cannabis?


Cannabis and video gaming go hand in hand for many. Here’s a sneak peek at how they work together and what’s the sense in combining the two.

Is It Possible to Play Video Games on Cannabis?

Weed and gaming are both associated with the fun pastime. So, why not combine the two to achieve a stellar evening recipe?

On the one hand, you might expect relaxation and a loss of focus. However, many experienced stoner gamers report just the opposite effect. Increased focus, better memory, and so much fun – probably, that’s why the Electronic Sports League (ESL) banned weed as a performance-enhancing substance.

The good news is that you can still enjoy better gameplay while high in the comfort of your apartment. It’s so fun to slay dragons, fight mysterious creatures, create and ruin empires, and conquer new galaxies after a fatty! The gaming process gets more realistic, and you get involved in the storyline on a deeper level.  

Here we examine the ins and outs of playing while high, recommend some top strains for an energy boost, and offer a list of games ideally fitted for a weed smoking session. 

Why Is Playing Games When High So Pleasant?

Now, why are weed and gaming so good together? The answer is the science of the human brain:

  • THC in cannabis affects the human endocannabinoid system, helping people feel content and relaxed. Cannabis also makes users feel happy and uplifted, boosting their sensory perception at the same time.
  • Video games are also meant to make people content, excited, and deeply engaged. So, playing when high is more enjoyable, as the stoner has a sharper perception of art and music in the game.
  • Both gaming and weed cause bursts of dopamine in the human brain. Thus, smoking weed elevates those feelings when you complete a level or get an in-game reward.
  • Cannabis unlocks gamers’ creativity, helping them design original things in games or find non-trivial solutions.

Which Strains Go Better with Gaming?

People use cannabis for many recreational purposes. Some want to relax and sleep better, while others seek an uplifting effect and positive energy. If you’re a gamer, then you certainly want the latter. These strains can help you achieve the needed effect and nail the new gaming challenge with ease:  

  • The stress-relieving THC-dominant Mochi strain
  • OG Kush – a relaxing and focusing combo
  • Lemon Cake weed – a happiness and focus booster
  • Blue Dream – fast and easy-going effect
  • White Widow – an uplifting, energizing strain
  • Jack Haze – your personal creativity boost

You can add any strain you like, depending on your past experience and preferences. Any strain will be fine if it’s Sativa-dominant, promising a great mix of excitement and alertness.

Can Smoking Weed Make You a Better Gamer?

It really can, though the combo may seem counter-intuitive at first glance. Many stoners complain of losing focus and feeling overly relaxed after a fatty, but it depends on the strain choice, actually. If you smoke Indica strains, chances are high that you will fall asleep during exciting gameplay.

Sativa strains are a good solution for gaming, as they increase your energy, boost creativity, and improve focus. Science proves that playing while high makes you better:

  • The gaming process goes more naturally and without effort
  • You are more creative and energetic
  • You enjoy the visual experience more
  • THC improves focus and memory retention
  • Weed relaxes your muscles and reduces anxiety
  • The psychoactive effects of marijuana enhance engagement with the storyline

So, if you’re getting ready for a gaming all-nighter with pals, we recommend sativa-dominant strains to maximize your sensory perception and pump up the gaming experience.

The Best Weed Video Games to Enjoy

Which games go better with a joint of weed than without it? Here are a couple of suggestions from experienced gamers.

  • Car racing games, like Blur or Street Racers. Playing such games is fun and energetic. You can fool around with your friends by hitting each other’s cars and doing crazy things on the road.
  • Dark Souls or League of Legends – games with a strong storyline that require full immersion for ultimate enjoyment. Weed will boost your perception, giving you a chance to feel like a medieval warrior or a fantasy superhero, which is really fun.
  • The Sims and Civilization are perfect companions of weed. You can find it endlessly cool to micromanage small civilizations and enjoy full control over whole worlds.
  • Stardew Valley, Owlboy, or Super Mario will be a perfect choice for stoners set in a nostalgic mood with a joint or two. You’ll find the old-school animation and graphics exceptionally enjoyable.

H2: To Smoke or Not to Smoke When Playing?

As you can see, marijuana is a good enhancer of the video gaming experience. That’s why so many passionate gamers choose this combo to maximize the fun. Still, you should exercise moderation and not overdo any of the two. As gaming and weed can both develop into an unhealthy addiction, avoid doing it daily. It’s better to reserve such a pastime for the weekend or a party with friends.

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