More cases of Monkeypox are reported in Mexico


Francisco’s lesions started after he returned home to Mexico City from California in late June: First, two spots on his buttocks. Then, a week later, lesions all over his body, his mouth so full of sores that he could barely talk or drink water.

“The pain was indescribable, catastrophic,” said Francisco, 44, who asked Reuters to conceal his real name.

Francisco was one of at least 59 people with confirmed monkeypox infections in Mexico since May, which experts believe could undercount the true number.

In Latin America, Mexico ranks behind Brazil and Peru for confirmed cases of the viral disease, which has primarily spread among gay and bisexual men like Francisco.

Mexico is reporting dozens of cases of monkeypox, declared this weekend by the World Health Organization a public health emergency of international concern.

On July 30th, the national health official Hugo Lopez-Gatell said that Mexico had 60 confirmed cases, a handful of hospitalizations and no deaths so far.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post