World-leading supplier of automation for robotics FANUC inaugurated a new plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico


FANUC is a world-leading supplier of automation for manufacturing including robotics, CNCs, and Motion Control, and ROBOMACHINE machining centers.

FANUC, a provider of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs, hosted a grand opening and technology open house at its new robotics and automation headquarters in Aguascalientes, Mexico on Thursday, July 14.

The new 109,000-square-foot facility will provide sales, demonstrations, training, engineering, and customer service.  The grand opening will include welcome remarks from the governor of Aguascalientes and FANUC corporate executives, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, facility tours, and a large showroom filled with robotic and CNC demonstrations.

Mike Cicco, president and CEO, FANUC America declared:

We’re expanding to better serve our customer base of automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and other manufacturers in Mexico and Latin America looking for automation solutions. We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our products in this market, so having a larger facility underscores our commitment to helping companies improve their production processes and compete on a global scale.”

FANUC Mexico will demonstrate a variety of automation technologies designed to help customers increase their production capabilities, overcome labor issues and remain competitive, including robotics materials handling applications:

  • Collaborative tote picking – a FANUC CR-15iA collaborative robot using an overhead mount iRVision 3DV/600 Vision Sensor picks random consumer products from a tote and places them into an outfeed tote. The system highlights the speed and accuracy of the 3DV/600 Vision Sensor and its ability to detect and pick a variety of products, similar to applications found in warehousing and distribution.
  • Collaborative hands-on – A FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot will allow attendees to use its hand guidance feature. FANUC recently expanded its popular series of CRX collaborative robots with several new models. Now, the company offers 11 CRX and CR cobot model variations able to handle products from 4 to 35kg.
  • Cosmetic packing – a FANUC SR-3iA SCARA robot demonstrates high-speed cosmetic packaging.  The robot uses iRVision to pick products from a magazine tray and place them into a package at very high speeds.

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