Video: Landslides, fallen trees, fires and dragged cars in Puerto Vallarta storm


Various effects were left by the storm that hit Puerto Vallarta this Saturday. A landslide was removed from the highway bypass at the height of the large tunnel; a car was dragged by the Contentillo stream; Various incidents such as fallen trees were reported, as well as waterlogging and a crane fire.

In El Calvario, the stream dragged a car that was parked and without people on board, this at the confluence of 10 de Mayo and Genaro Padilla streets, and only material damage is reported.

In Guayabo street, Colonia 5 de Diciembre, a fence fell in a home, leaving slight damage to two affected people who were ordered to seek refuge with friends or relatives to proceed with the evaluation and expert opinion. 

Fuerte tormenta inunda calles y avenidas y deja autos varados

In the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, rivers flowed through the streets that flowed into Basilio Badillo street, which left several stores and businesses affected, although without significant material losses.

Fallen trees were reported to 911 on Montessori Street, at the height of the Joya hospital; another one in Revolución and Aldama in El Pitillal and one more in the street that leads to the Gastronomic subdivision.

In the Bugambilias neighborhood, on Ribereña de Los Camarones and Brisas streets, a fire was reported from a crane that was apparently attending work related to the storm. Pondings were reported in various areas of the city, such as the one located by the VW agency in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood; another one was treated at the confluence of Avenida México and Avenida de Los Poetas and another at Politécnico and Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio.

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