Eight American children who lived crowded in a car are rescued in Tijuana


A family made up of a father, mother and their eight children lived in the vehicle.

Tijuana.- Eight minors from the United States were rescued, who were living with their parents in a green Honda vehicle in unhealthy situations, according to information from the Tijuana Municipal Police.

The rescue took place after a report made to the 911 emergency line, warning of the situation, so agents of the Tijuana Municipal Police went to Ferrocarril Avenue on the corner of Cuauhtémoc Norte Boulevard in the Libertad neighborhood.

Once in the place, they located the aforementioned vehicle, where, according to what was reported, a family made up of a father, mother, and their eight children lived.

The rescue took place after a report was made to the 911 emergency line, warning of the situation. Photo: Special.

The parents were identified as Beatriz “N”, 35 years old, originally from Los Angeles, California, United States; and Jesús “N”, 40 years old, born in Tijuana; Jesús Francisco Javier “N”, 15 years old; Joseph, 11, Beatriz Elizabeth, 7, Aliyah Alissa, Darlene Violet, Velvet, Brea, and Avdrey, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 2 years old, respectively, and the last 7 months, all from the United States .

According to what was narrated by the complainant, the parents did not feed the children, in addition, the officers verified that inside the vehicle they lived in unsanitary conditions, surrounded by spoiled food, insects and dirt, being the minors channeled to the System for the Integral Development of the Family (SDIF) and later to a shelter, leaving the parents at the disposal of the municipal judge.

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