AMLO mocks American leaders and goes: ” Oooo, I´m so scared”


The president of Mexico bizarrely mocked Joe Biden this week by getting staff to play a song entitled “Ooo, so scaredduring a press conference after the US demanded trade dispute talks over the country’s energy policies.

The move, which could lead to US tariffs against Mexico, was laughed off by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who played the song “Uy, qué Miedo” by Tabasco singer Chico Che.

“They are going [to give us a call] so that we can explain the energy policy of our country. Let’s see if you can find my countryman Chico Che, the one with “Uy, qué miedo” [song]… we have to keep going, there is still time,” said the country’s populist president during the conference.

The incident took place after the Biden administration requested dispute settlement talks with Mexico under the T-MEC for policies that it considers harmful to US companies in the energy sector and that favor the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) and PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos).

In making the announcement, the United States trade representative, Katherine Tai, pointed out that the Mexican government has implemented changes in its energy policies that are contrary to the T-MEC because “they affect the economic interests of the United States in multiple sectors and discourage the investment of clean energy providers and companies that seek to buy clean energy”.

Ms. Tai specified that Mexico’s actions include amendments to the electricity law that give priority to the distribution of energy generated by the CFE, over renewable energy sources such as wind and solar provided by the private sector. The official added that the Mexican government has also delayed, denied, and even revoked the capacities of US companies to operate in the energy sector in Mexico.

Ms. Tai stressed in a statement that if attempts to resolve the dispute are unsuccessful, the Biden administration could implement punitive tariffs for Mexico.

Source: Televisa

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