Obrador’s hypocrisy: a letter written by a US citizen resident of the state of Texas


The following is a letter written by an American citizen from the city of Amarillo, Texas, that was sent to the Amarillo Globe-News local newspaper on July 17th, 2022.

Letter: Obrador’s hypocrisy

Sunday, July 17, 2022.

I see where Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has criticized the U. S. for not having open borders. Yet when U.S. citizens go to Mexico they have to have a valid passport and pay a fee.

What a hypocrite. Let me ask all of you a very simple question; how does having millions of mostly uneducated people who speak little or no English benefit the citizens of the United States and how are they going to make our lives better? Let’s face it.

They are going to be a tremendous drag and expense on all our social systems. Plus when they run out of all the free stuff the Democrats want to give them many will revert to crime or undermine our working class with cheap labor.

This surge is nothing less than an invasion of the United States. By virtual of the fact that they are breaking our laws now to satisfy their needs what makes you think they won’t continue once they are in our country. This is nothing more than a disaster about to happen in your city or state.

Please call your elected representative at all levels and say enough is enough, do something now or be prepared to suffer our wrath. My opinion. Yours is welcome.

David L Smith/Amarillo TX

Amarillo Globe-News

Source: Amarillo Globe-News

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