Video: Student ‘Fails’ His Homework When Plaster Mask Ends Up Sticking To His Face


“Teacher. How do we remove the mask?” asks the teammate when he sees that his friend cannot remove his plaster mask from his face.

A young high school student had a tense time when a simple school assignment ended in disaster. In a now viral video, the moment is seen when the plaster mask that they left him for homework stuck to his face.

“I’m going to sue that teacher,” the teenager jokes, after several unsuccessful attempts to remove the plaster mask from his face, which caused a lot of laughter among his friends.

In social networks, some Internet users explained that the student’s possible mistake was not to put Vaseline, or even edible oil on his face before applying the plaster, so his homework ended up sticking to his skin.

While some users criticized both the teacher for assigning such a task and the parents for the lack of vigilance, others ask that the teenager receive a 10 for his very successful plaster mask, especially because it is unknown how or how long it took. the young man in power to take it away.

The publication, made from a Twitter account in Mexico, has gone viral in just a few days despite the fact that the video ends abruptly during one of its attempts, leaving Internet users in suspense about the outcome of the story.