Billionaire Ricardo Salinas calls Noroña, Citlalli Hernández, and others from the Morena Party “ticks”


The message also included photographs of the activist Estefanía Veloz, the journalist Jenaro Villamil and Antonio Attolini.

Businessman Salinas Pliego described Morena’s general secretary, Citlalli Hernández, as “ticks that live off our taxes”; the deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña, as well as other members or sympathizers of the Fourth Transformation project.

Through his social networks, the owner of Grupo Salinas responded to a message in which an Internet user claimed that the businessman’s fiercest critics are those who: “either are government people, or receive money from government people, or live by speaking well of the government people”.

Salinas Pliego responded to the message by quoting a phrase from the same Twitter user, approving that he had called them “ticks that live off our taxes.”

However, the criticism was immediate, and users of the platform questioned the role of the businessman in society: “What are you? Kind of like some sort of parasite. Your nature is not the generation of jobs”, they reproached him. Given this, the president of TV Azteca responded with laughing emojis.

Also appearing in the photograph are the activist and defender of women’s rights, Estefanía Veloz, the journalist Jenaro Villamil, and the former spokesman for the campaign of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2018, Antonio Attolini.

Mexico Daily Post