Towerrunning Trail Tlaxcala: an athletic competition going up and down 1,400 steps in a 6-kilometer route


The City Council of Tlaxcala and the Mexican Federation of Towerrunning, A.C. invite all amateur and professional runners to participate in the 2022 Towerrunning Trail Tlaxcala Race.

It is an athletic competition crossing the City of Tlaxcala going up and down 1,400 steps on a 6K route subject to the rules and regulations of the Towerrunning World Association 2022.

This race is part of the 2022 Mexican Towerrunning Circuit with a national and international score of 40 points where the best elite tower runners in Mexico and the best male and female representatives of Towerrunning in the entire Mexican Republic will participate.

The Towerrunning Trail Tlaxcala will take place on August 7 in the streets of the center of the City of Tlaxcala starting at 8:00 am.

Source: El Universal

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