Mexican Catholic priest brutally beaten by alleged hitman in Michoacan


Mexican Catholic priest Mateo Calvillo, who was allegedly beaten by a hitman in Michoacán, said that his assailant stopped him when he was heading back to the municipality of Queréndaro and accused him of having run over a dog, and then repeatedly hit him directly in the face.

The priest explained that the attack occurred when he was driving his car on the evening of Wednesday, June 29th and another motorist intercepted him.

“This could happen to anyone; the innocent are unprotected”: said the priest beaten by an alleged hitman in Michoacán.

Upon stopping, a man of approximately 1.90 meters got out of the car and approached him, claiming that he had allegedly run over a puppy.

Then, he forced him to get out of the car and hit him directly in the face.

"It happened on Wednesday, after dark, I was coming from the east, entering Queréndaro, a car passed me, he was in the car, a guy about 1.90 got out, he was a professional hitman for sure, he told me something incoherent about a puppy and starting hitting me in the face. He looked as if he was under the influence of drugs. He said I had run over a puppy," the Catholic priest said.

He stressed that the man did not steal any of his belongings; however, he will go to the State Attorney General’s Office to formalize the complaint.

He reiterated that he does not consider that he has been beaten for his work as a priest or as a journalist, being a columnist for a Church bulletin outlet.

He also stressed that he is already in better health and out of danger.

The priest said that citizens are exposed to this type of aggression, so he called on the population and members of the Church, in general, to exercise caution and take care of themselves, especially in the state of Michoacan.

Source: Milenio

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