Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim visits AMLO at the National Palace

Carlos Slim arriving at the National Palace (Photo: OEM)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador received tycoon Carlos Slim at the National Palace on Tuesday, July 5th, around noon.

The meeting between the president and the richest businessman in Mexico took place after last Friday, July 1st, Lopez Obrador praised Silm during the inauguration of the first stage of the Dos Bocas refinery, in Paraíso Tabasco.

He also announced that Slim’s ICA construction company will take charge of the modernization of the Salina Cruz refinery, in Oaxaca, and the contract for this project will amount to 3.1 billion pesos (approximately 150 million USD).

ICA is currently participating in the construction of a section of the Maya Train project, although it is worth mentioning that the firm is pending the reconstruction of a section of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro that collapsed on May 3 of last year and had committed to deliver in June this year.

At the inauguration of the first phase of the Olmeca refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took a few minutes from his message to praise Carlos Slim, who was one of the special guests.

AMLO thanked the attitude, help, and cooperation of the union leaders of Pemex and CFE, as well as all small, medium, and large construction companies that have helped them with new technologies in this important project.

Lopez Obrador acknowledged that Slim’s ICA “has a very important history of experience and professionalism.”

Source: OEM

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