Mexican superstar Luis Miguel reappears rejuvenated


Mexican singer and recording artist Luis Miguel was photographed on Sunday, July 3rd, in Miami, Florida looking rejuvenated and slimmer in appearance.

The photo was taken in an exclusive restaurant in the city of Miami.

Three influencers, one of whom was celebrating her birthday, we are the lucky girls that were able to have their photo taken along with “El Sol” (as Luis Miguel is known in Mexico), who actually agreed to have his picture taken with them, which immediately went viral.

In the image, the singer, with a smile, wears a black shirt, a black jacket, and an enviable face at 52 years old.

One of the influencers, who is from Ecuador, wrote on her social networks: “My Bday weekend is just incredible, it started with “El Sol de México” and some of the people I love the most… best gift (SIC),” wrote the birthday girl Naiza, an emerging singer from the Ecuadorian trap scene.

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