70% of national travelers seek to visit Magical Towns


According to a survey conducted by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), as a result of the pandemic, 70% of national travelers seek to visit magical towns or small cities, revealed Despegar.

The leading travel company in Latin America reported that organizing a trip to a Magical Town entails its own challenge, since each one requires a different type of plan due to its unique characteristics, whether they are tourist attractions, activities, distance, ecosystem, climate and influx of the place.

“The Magical Towns are the places that store the true beauty and culture of the country since each one is unique in terms of its culture and its ecosystem,” explained Alejandro Calligaris, Country Manager of Grupo Despegar Mexico.

“That makes traveling to each of these destinations a unique and unrepeatable experience, and planning it in advance allows you to better enjoy your journey,” added Calligaris.

To help travelers plan their trips to these emblematic destinations for the summer season, Despegar has listed 5 tips.

  1. Make a budget It is important to know how much money you have to make the trip and consider the expenses for transportation, food, hotel, and tourist activities that you would like to do. Remember that you can purchase all your tourist services together and thus save more. 
  2. In Despegar you will find packages to Magical Towns such as Bacalar with transportation and accommodation from  $4,965  pesos MXN.
  1. Determine the characteristics of the trip: Defining the type of trip to undertake and determining how you want to do it, whether alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family, is important. Based on that, you can choose the most appropriate Magical Town; For example, Malinalco is an exotic destination with mystical air, which makes it perfect for spending a weekend with your partner.
  1. Do a preliminary investigation of the place: Once the destination is chosen, it is advisable to inquire beforehand about its traditions and customs, in order to know what type of gastronomy can be tasted and the activities that are carried out daily on the site. Based on this information it will be easier to give the appropriate dynamism to the journey. For example, Tecozautla, a Magical Town of Hidalgo, is a destination characterized by its hot springs, ideal for an ecotourism trip.
  1. Book your trip in advance: Seek to acquire the tourist services that you will need up to four weeks in advance, since this way you will be able to find the best prices and greater availability. For example, a flight from Mexico City to the Magical Town of Álamos, located in Sonora, can be found from 3,479 pesos if you book a month before. Likewise, take advantage of financing to defer the cost of your trip.
  1. Consume local products: Providing support to the economy of a Magical Town through the consumption of its gastronomy, its handicrafts, even in its daily activities, such as traditional dance classes of the site, makes the inhabitants of the community maintain their jobs and their quality of life. In the same way, by supporting them monetarily in their day-to-day life, they enrich their identity as a community and one, as a visitor, obtains a more complete experience in the growth and care of the region. 

Source: nitu.mx

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