TOP-5 places to visit in Mexico: both astonishing for locals and tourists


Mexico is a very touristic country that has been receiving more and more interest from the world community lately. In particular, it attracts travelers from the USA and other Latin American countries; but in general, people from all over the world fly here all year round to find something new and interesting for themselves. In this article, we will tell you about three places that can surprise not only tourists but also locals – no one has canceled domestic tourism, right?

  1. Mapimi Quiet Zone. Four kilometers away from San Ignacio there is a Quiet zone, or “Zona del Silencio”. It is often compared to the Bermuda Triangle: both are located between the 26th and 28th parallels and are surrounded by similar legends. People claim that radio waves cannot be transmitted in certain areas of these quiet zones. Among the so-called reasons are local magnetic fields, aliens, and paranormal “Earth energy”. The story of the origin of these conjectures is much more strange and interesting than those that usually surround myths about paranormal phenomena. The views are also breathtaking and look like Martian landscapes – if you post photos from here to Insta, you definitely won’t have to buy Instagram likes. Your subscribers will be as intrigued as you are.
  2. La Lobera. Over the years, rains and gravity have enlarged the small hole, forming a huge cave on the coast of Mexico. Now it is 24 meters deep and surrounded by a rope fence to prevent people from falling inside. It is also about 60 meters wide and is an underground beach where the sea lions live. They seem to really like lying in the shade of La Lobera. There is a restaurant nearby, and you can camp on the beautiful coast for just a few dollars.|
  3. Las Posas Garden. It is located in the town of Xilitla with a population of about 1 thousand people, in the Huasteca region in the south of the state of San Luis Potosi. It was built by Edward James, an eccentric English poet, artist, and patron of the surrealist art movement. He spent his early years in the luxury of the English upper class, and later became a great admirer and collector of surrealist art. In the 1930s, he patronized Dali and Magritte. If you have a page of a travel blogger and you have had to buy real Instagram likes previously, visit this place and do a photoshoot here – we guarantee that you will not have to promote your page after that, just use some hashtags to attract people to the content. It is, in fact, an impossible, monumental museum in the depth of a jungle forest.
  4. The Museum of Underwater Art. It is located in Cancun and is a large-scale project of the artist Jason de Keira Taylor. The underwater museum includes 400 life-size sculptures that are in the process of forming a massive artificial coral reef in clear shallow waters. This is a great place for divers and those who are fond of snorkeling. The project is aimed at popularizing marine flora and fauna and increasing biodiversity in the water area.
  5. Shell house. The shape of this building perfectly resembles a marine shell, and the surface is bleached by the sea. In addition, there are two bedrooms, air conditioning, and a luxurious outdoor pool. It is located on the island of Yucatan and offers fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea. Its design is so similar to a shell, and it is located so close to the sea that when looking at this house it seems as if it is waiting for its tenants, having been washed ashore by a wave.

Mexico offers a huge number of both natural and man-made monuments, and to visit them all you would definitely need to live in this country for several years. Despite the fact that people rarely emigrate to the country, we would definitely recommend staying here longer to enjoy the incredible views, natural phenomena and rich culture – it is rare where else you can find such an interweaving of different ancient cultures that eventually formed a modern state. And it is difficult to tell about the diversity of the natural terrain here in one article – it seems that you can travel endlessly in Mexico.

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