Mexico disappointing against Haiti in U20 CONCACAF Tournament


Mexico gave their worst performance of the 2022 CONCACAF U20 Tournament after a 0-0 tie against Haiti but still finished in first place in their group. A tie against Haiti is all Mexico needed to win the group, and that is precisely what they got. Mexico will now go to the Round of 16, where they will face off against Puerto Rico on Sunday night. If they win, they will face the winners of the Guatemala vs Canada match in the Quarterfinals.

The first half started with Mexico making many changes, including the return of Karel Campos after getting injured in the first match, as well as the first start for forward Jesus Hernandez. After a couple of even minutes, Haiti had the best chance when a cross into the area was headed wide by a wide-open Stevenson Jeudy. Mexico then had a great chance when Isaias Violante got a great shot from outside the area that forced Haiti’s goalkeeper Willemeson Augustin to make a great save. Mexico had gained possession and was controlling the match, but wasn’t able to create much against a defensive Haitian side. Christian Torres got the ball in the area and looked to have scored, but was correctly ruled to be offside in a play where if Torres had allowed the ball to pass to Campos (who was going into the area), it would have been a great onside chance for Mexico. The many changes that Mexico had to make ahead of the match meant that even when the field conditions were incredibly superior, the side looked disjointed and wasn’t playing as well as in their first two matches. Haiti had another chance when a shot turned into a cross that Jeudy got into, but it just ended up deflecting it wide. The halftime whistle blew and Mexico had their worst 45 minutes of the tournament but even then, they weren’t particularly bad.

The second half started with Mexico subbing out Isaias Violante and Jesus Alcantar for Bryan Gonzalez and Rafael Palma. Haiti had a chance when a ball fell to Jeudy but his shot went wide. Mexico answered with a cross into the area that was lowered by Hernandez to Gonzalez, but his right-footed shot went wide. Mexico subbed out Christian Torres for Jonathan Perez. After Mexico lost the ball in the area, Haiti could have had a great chance before Jeudy took a dive in the area trying to get a penalty, and the ball went wide with the referee correctly ruling to play on. Haiti then had the best chance of the match when Watz-Landy Leazard got off a left-footed shot from outside the area that hit the post. Minutes later they came close again when Jeaudy got a left-footed shot that looked easy enough to stop, but a terrible mistake from Mexico’s goalkeeper Jose Eulogio allowed the ball to go over him and hit the post before getting the rebound into his hands. It would have been a terrible blooper, as the ball bounced over him in what should have been an easy save. Haiti then subbed out Adelson Belizaire and Bryan Destin for Joel Favard and Omre Etienne. Mexico meanwhile subbed out captain Fidel Ambriz for Salvador Mariscal. Mexico later subbed out Karel Campos for Esteban Lozano. They then had a good chance when a long ball reached Lozano, but his shot was blocked by a defender. Haiti almost got a goal when a drive into the area bounced off of a Mexican defender, almost deflecting in for an own goal. Haiti subbed out Stevenson Jeudy for Juff Exilius. The referee then blew the whistle as Haitian players celebrated as if they had won while Mexico ended up worrying their fans after a very poor performance.

Source: MARCA

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