How Can You Tell if an Online Casino is Trustworthy?


There are constant security concerns when online. Regardless of the activity, safety online is a priority. Data breaches, viruses, credit card fraud, and phishing are just a few of the dangers people face when shopping or browsing online.

Online casinos have their own concerns as they sometimes handle large deposits in players’ accounts and withdrawals for winnings. Payment methods have to be secure, and identifications thoroughly vetted and approved.

From the player’s point of view though, trust is often based simply on how a casino looks. Many players fail to carry out any routine security checks before they sign up and add their banking or credit card details.

Considering financial and personal details need to be recorded online before you can play in an online casino, shouldn’t you be more concerned with their legitimacy? How can you find out if the casino you have joined is safe?

Is it okay to gamble in an online casino in Mexico?

Mexico has regulations surrounding gambling much like its neighbors and other overseas countries. However, gambling is largely permitted, and casinos are located in various parts of the nation.

As published in one article by The Law Review, Mexico has no particular regulations surrounding online casinos. Like many countries, online gaming has yet to be as fully regulated as in-person gambling is.

This means that the law is blurry regarding online casinos that are operated within Mexico’s border. Unclear laws can of course lead to safety issues for players.

Can you safely use offshore casinos in Mexico?

Where the law is somewhat clearer is in regard to offshore casinos. These online gaming sites are seen as being legal, and many Mexicans enjoy playing them.

Foreign operators such as EnergyCasino can legally accept Mexican players onto their website, and let them play poker or any other game. Visitors to the country are also free to login into offshore casinos and enjoy whichever game takes their fancy.

How can you be sure your online casino is trustworthy?

While legality is one concern with playing safely online, there are other aspects to be wary of.

These areas can concern the games themselves, licensing, certification, and the security surrounding the data they hold. While you may be in a perfectly legitimate casino, the danger may be something you cannot see such as weak encryption surrounding the transfer of your financial details.

So, how can Mexican players protect themselves when playing in online casinos, or any player for that matter?

Software providers

If possible, try to find out who provides the games for the online casino. There are several trusted software vendors that the major casinos use. These are a good sign that the games are safe to play.


SSL certificates allow the encrypted transfer of data. You can tell whether the website is safe by looking at the URL. If the prefix is HTTPS, then this security protocol is in place.

Use Google

One of the quickest ways to check out a casino’s reputation is simply to search on Google. Any bad reviews, or recommendations, should appear instantly. Beware of spammy articles that recommend the casino though. Look for peer recommendations and legitimate reviews.

Check with regulators

In countries where online gambling is allowed to operate you can check with the appropriate regulator. This would mean the Gambling Commission if in the UK, but this tip is unlikely to be useful in Mexico. Instead, learn to spot the warning signs.

What are the red flags for bad online casinos?

One of the reasons why online gaming is booming in Mexico is because it is so accessible for everyone, regardless of status or location. There are no travel concerns or dress codes to worry about. Nevertheless, there may be some other issues surrounding the legitimacy of the casino operator.

Unclear ownership

If you cannot establish who owns and operates the online casino, you might want to take this as a red flag. Transparency is important with online gaming.

No licensing details

On the issue of transparency, you should expect licensing to be clearly on display along with any regulatory bodies or certification.

Slow payouts

If you come across multiple complaints about slow payouts or wins being withheld you can take this as a red flag.

Multiple bad reviews

Some people are bad losers. Not every bad review about a casino will be completely factual. Of course, some people will be disgruntled that they lost. But, if you find many bad reviews and the topics are similar, there may be some truth there.

Lax identity checks

What identification checks does the casino use? A lack of ID checks can be a red flag. If the casino is unconcerned with checking their players are legitimate it may show they have little concern regarding fraudulent activity.


Customer service is one way to gauge how professional an online casino is. Using humans and providing customer support around the clock is a sign of a well-operated gaming site. If you find you cannot contact a real person, and you are only greeted by a chatbot, it could be a red flag.

Do fake online casinos exist?

Most gambling scams involve players trying to defraud the casino rather than the other way around. One Tasmanian woman used stolen funds and a fraudulent credit card to play a slot game. Ironically, the game doesn’t even pay out in real cash.

Yet, despite a few individuals trying to scam casinos, some gaming sites have proven to be fake in the past. Some of the first bitcoin casinos disappeared quickly after opening. They used the anonymity of crypto to defraud players and swiftly moved on to their next scam.

Largely you can be sure that your casino is genuine if you follow the advice above. Another way to be certain is to only use established casinos or larger brand names.


If you are passing over any sensitive information online, whether it be financial or personal, you must make sure the website is safe. This is just as true with online casinos.

Check licensing and local laws, look for transparency on the gaming site and make sure payments are secure. Read a few reviews and conduct some research before you start handing over your hard-earned money. With a little luck, you will then be enjoying some wins and staying safe at the same time.

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