Turtle nesting season begins on the beaches of Puerta Vallarta


Jesús Serrano Medina, biologist in charge of CEMBAB’s Playa de Oro Turtle Camp, reported that the arrival of sea turtles in Puerto Vallarta has already begun, so they expect up to 9,000 nests this season in the bay. 

In this sense, he highlighted that in this month the arrival of these specimens begins and ends until December, so in Playa de Oro they have already begun with the shelter of the turtle eggs so that their young survive.

CEMBAB Playa de Oro Turtle Camp

The good news is that this season they will be opening a new nursery that was built with a hotel in this area; so there will be two operating and thus have greater capacity to protect nests, since last year they could only protect a little more than 220 nests. 

He stressed that it is in August and September when the massive arrivals of the turtles are recorded, so the nurseries on the beaches are filled, but the nests must be protected and when the hatching period is over, they are released in the afternoon. . 

CEMBAB Playa de Oro Turtle Camp

“Here in Playa de Oro we already have nests and we are transferring them to the Municipal Ecology nursery on Holi beach and next week we will put our new nursery into operation and we are about to remodel the previous nursery that we are already going to have, but here in There are already nests in the bay, we have already released them, so the turtle season is progressing”. 

He commented that since the sea turtle is an endangered species, any action taken against them is a federal crime. 

“What should be done is not to approach the turtle, letting it do its job naturally without interrupting them, talking to people who are on the beach since they should not touch it, climb on it or extract its eggs. Be careful, just because you don’t know the law doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to them.” 

That is why you must keep a minimum distance of 10 meters and call 911 for the Green Patrol to come and protect the nest. Since at least 9 thousand nests are expected this season in the bay.

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