Elon Musk announces plans to open a new Tesla factory in Mexico…or Canada!

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, plans to continue the expansion of his electric vehicle company and among its plans is to build another mega plant in Mexico or Canada according to reports from the Electreck site.

Musk has installed Tesla factories in Texas, Shanghai, and Berlin but now he has Mexican and Canadian territory in his sights, according to audios to which the specialized mobility media had access.

The information was released during a meeting Musk had with his employees last week, in which he mentioned that Tesla is looking for new locations to maintain and increase the production of its electric vehicles.

“We’re looking at sites, but we’re looking at some options for venues in North America, so Canada and Mexico are included, in addition to the United States”, detailed Musk.

However, the millionaire stressed that the company’s priority at the moment is to increase the production volume of the Texas gigafactory: “It’s much more important that we get Texas to production volume than it is to find a new site, but we’re looking.”

The news comes after Musk told his employees via email a few days ago that he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy, so it was necessary to resort to a 10% cut in Tesla’s salaried staff.

The message noted that they were overstaffed in many areas, although it did make a clarification: “Please note that this does not apply to anyone who actually builds cars, battery packs, or installs solar power Musk wrote.

The stock market reacted to those comments and Tesla shares fell 9% in the market, contributing to the Nasdaq’s 2% decline.

The CEO of Tesla had already sent a message to the executives, last Thursday, expressing his concerns for what he asked them to “Stop all hiring worldwide”.

Musk has been somewhat upset in recent days, proof of this was another message to staff that sentenced the workers of the same company to return to the office to work or to be considered unemployed.

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