68 women have been murdered so far this year in the state of Oaxaca


According to the Documentation Center of the “Rosario Castellanos” Women’s Study Group (GES Mujer), so far this year 68 women have been violently murdered in Oaxaca.

By region, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec heads the list with 21 victims; followed by the Coast region with 19 and the Central Valleys with 11.

For GES Mujer, femicide violence is so serious in Oaxaca that the situation urgently requires attention from the three levels of government to the different factors that increase the risk of more girls and women being violently murdered.

In recent days, a woman and her daughter were victims of femicide at the hands of the woman’s sentimental couple and the girl’s grandfather; while another woman and her granddaughter died as a result of an armed attack, adding to the statistics of femicide violence and which, according to the organization, “makes visible the failure of public policies to prevent, address and punish gender violence”; as it was explained by the GES Mujer organization in a statement.

Source: Imparcial

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