Gruesome murder of a Canadian couple in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo


Once more Canadian tourists are murdered on the beaches of Quintana Roo; this time a couple allegedly investigated for fraud.

Once again Quintana Roo becomes a fatal scenario since the most recent report from the authorities indicates that two people, both of Canadian origin, were brutally murdered in Playa del Carmen. Their bodies were found inside an apartment in the Mexican Caribbean and now the security elements guard the area and proceed with their identification.

So far it has been revealed that the Canadian couple had their throats cut, since, according to the police statement, the victims had neck injuries caused by a razor or a knife. For now, the agents have not been able to determine if these people were residents of Playa del Carmen or tourists, although it is presumed that they were in the area since last April.

In addition to this, the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office revealed that a security guard at the site, located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, was injured after the event, but fortunately, he is out of danger. However, beyond this, no details have been given of how the homicide took place or who the possible perpetrators are.

On the other hand, it was reported that, in the apartment where the bodies were, identifications were located with at least three different names of the subject, who according to authorities was wanted internationally for fraud.

This new attack has generated great commotion among the community in Quintana Roo, who hope that the facts will soon be clarified, the aggressors will be captured and justice will be done since this type of eventuality does nothing more than obstructing the peace that can be achieved. breathe in the paradisiacal place. 

On January 21, two Canadians had already been killed and another injured in a shooting that broke out at a hotel complex near Cancún.

Resorts on the Mexican Caribbean coast (Riviera Maya) have been rocked by violence in recent months, some of which has affected foreigners.

In March, a Briton living in Playa del Carmen was shot and killed in broad daylight while riding in his car with his daughter.

On January 26, an Argentinian, manager of a nightclub in Playa del Carmen, was also murdered by two shots in the head.

In October, two young tourists, an Indian and a German, were killed by stray bullets in Tulum, during a shooting attributed to a settling of accounts between suspected drug traffickers.

Quintana Roo authorities estimate that the majority of this violence is the result of the sale of drugs at retail or the extortion practiced on traders by petty traffickers who compete for the market.

Tourism accounts for 8.5% of Mexico’s GDP, 15e Mondial economy.

The beaches of Quintana Roo, the main recipients of international tourists, have been shaken by various violent events for several years, but they are usually recorded in distant sectors of the tourist area. However, in recent months attacks have also multiplied in these areas, which has sparked alerts among the authorities and the population itself.

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