What is the ‘The Secret River’ in Quintana Roo? 


The place was discovered by accident, when a farmer was chasing an iguana.

The Mayan Train will pass through places of great interest and tourist attraction because it is planned to travel through 5 states in southeastern Mexico, including Quintana Roo, which in addition to having highly visited beaches, has a “secret river” . 

Río Secreto - Opiniones - Desde $1,500 - 5% Descuento

Río Secreto is a nature reserve, listed as heritage of Playa del Carmen and Mexico, made up of a network of caverns, full of crystal clear water, as well as decorated by long extensions of stalactites and stalagmites.

Secret River. Credits: riosecreto.com

You can go through the place by bicycle, to the point where the water is, which you cannot enter if you have any chemical in your body from cream, deodorant and sunscreen, this to protect the ecosystem. 

In addition, for your safety you will be guided by experts in speleology, that is, those who study the formation of caves. 

Secret River. Credits: riosecreto.com

You can swim inside Río Secreto wearing a wetsuit and a flotation vest, as well as gaze at the stalactites found on the ceilings of the caverns. 

Secret River. Credits: riosecreto.com

“I think that an experience like this, being able to see it, being able to be in that world, in that wonderful underworld, that these caves are really is a unique experience,” said archaeologist Eduardo Matos Motezuma on his visit to the place, who was recently recognized with the Princess of Asturias Award.

Rio Secreto Tour

In addition, the founder of the Templo Mayor project commented that for the Mesoamerican peoples, such as the Mayans, Teotihuacans, Mexica and others,  the caves had a dual life-death character, since they were considered entrances to the underworld, as well as a womb that could give birth towns.     

Entering this place has a cost that ranges from 80 to 390 dollars, depending on whether you want transportation and personalized guides. 

Secret River. Credits: riosecreto.com

It is said that Río Secreto was discovered when a farmer was chasing an iguana, which hid among some giant rocks that covered the caverns and the man, by moving the obstacles, discovered the underground path.

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