8 quick and easy Instagram Story ideas for marketing


It’s startling to learn that Instagram stories account for over 70% of all engagement. To assist and increase their audience, many companies and marketing strategists employ various techniques. You can also participate in tales by providing your PR packages, conversing with them, and demonstrating your daily activities. You may increase the value of your company and brand by growing it organically.

 Put a variety of features on stories to help the audience interact with them. Regular updates on the stories, such as GIFs, music, filters, and so on, add to the value of your content. We all know are aware of how popular Instagram has become. It’s an enticing opportunity to use it to draw in an audience.

Create visually appealing stories

When you upload content, make sure it appeals to the viewers. It must be profitable in order for your fans to want to use your services. Create a lovely backdrop. You can also add natural light, plants, or flowers to make it look more appealing.

Engage naturally

Sharing your thoughts on any topic. Talk to your followers on real-life issues. This will make it easier for me to reach out to you and interact with you on a personal level. Enable the reply to story tab so that the message you’re attempting to send gets to the person who needs it most.

Promote blog posts

 The swipe-up feature on stories is yet another way for brands to notice you and marketers engage the right consumers. Promote the product by utilizing it on yourself first to ensure that the audience is comfortable purchasing it. This will not only help you obtain more Instagram followers, but it will also help you make a lot of money through product sales.

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Demonstrate the process

 When people see how difficult and unmanageable things may get, they will feel more connected. Accept your flaws and failures, but don’t forget to express your joy. Share your everyday activities, your workout routine, and what it takes to build a successful brand. This will encourage people to provide their perspectives on events, both positive and negative, allowing you to keep your followers. Also, helps in increasing your Instagram following as people like organic businesses. 

Question/ answer poll

 Ask your followers about themselves in a question/answer poll. Inquire about what they’d like to know about you. What do you think they’d like to hear from you? This will help you keep your audience interested in your narrative.

Create a context or giveaway

Your followers should take an interest in you just to keep the enthusiasm alive. Organizing context or competition to keep them interested in you and your content is highly desirable. Giveaways like gifting a few PR products to the top winners in the context will also help to tighten up the audience as well as the brands. You can also encourage them by giving them recognition in your stories.

Countdown on your live stream

 Let’s say you want to sell something on Instagram. Offer limited-time specials and offers. This will encourage people to acquire your product within the specified time frame. Try to persuade them with your enthusiasm about the benefits of this product.

Share your goals, problems, and desires 

 Last but not least, taking your Instagram followers down memory lane of your problems and accomplishments, but also how you overcome them, is a great approach to let people get to know you. It would be a life-changing experience for you to see how the crowd reacts to it. As a result, the answer you get from them will inspire you to get more followers and engage with them on a more personal level.

A Little Note

These are a few tips to help you increase your Instagram account. Posting a shoutout to individual followers is a terrific way to show your followers how grateful your brand is. Also, how connected you are with your audience and customers. The right Instagram story could be the key to increasing engagement and getting people to talk about your business. We hope this article will assist you in developing a marketing strategy, and, we encourage you to revisit it the next time you’re stumped for Instagram marketing story ideas! The possibilities and ideas are limitless. Explore more and grow!

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