Jimmy Daytona Explains Bookmaker Bonuses to Mexico Daily Post


In the UK, the popularity of sports is nothing new. If you look at the craze for the English Premier League, a lot becomes clear. Along with the trend for sports, there’s a craze for sports betting too! Interestingly, betting sites offer a lot of bonuses to the punters.

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The question is, how much do you know about them? We don’t know much as well. So, we’ve invited a bonafide betting guru among us today. We’re referring to none other than Jimmy Daytona from BetZillion to enlighten us with the meticulous details of bookmaker bonuses.

Not only that, but Jimmy also shared how to get bonus bets in the UK! If you follow this guide, you’ll know exactly what each bonus means and how you can benefit from them. Let’s see what Jimmy says to the Mexico Daily Post readers.

Jimmy Daytona to Mexico Daily Post: Are Bookmaker Bonuses Legal in the UK?

The first question that popped into our minds is whether the bonuses Jimmy is about to discuss are legal or not.

According to Tim, to understand the legality of the bonuses, we need to understand sports betting first. Thankfully, sports betting is completely legal and regulated in the UK. Primarily, the legal shenanigans are handled by the Gambling Commission, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports for the British government.

And for the Esports scene, British Esports is the designated authority. It’s a non-profit, operating since 2016 to promote and regulate Esports.

So, as betting on traditional sports and Esports is legal, the bookmaker bonuses are also legal. The most exciting reward of all in sports betting is undoubtedly free bets. Why? You’ll know why when you read Tim’s explanation.

Jimmy Explaining the Bookmaker Bonuses in Plain Terms

We’re very much excited about this section because the betting expert Jimmy Daytona is about to explain all the different types of bonuses so that anyone can understand them.

Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are not exclusive to sportsbooks only. Rather, it’s a generalized promotion found in all types of iGaming websites. You must deposit an amount first to qualify and claim these bonuses, as the name suggests.

Deposit bonuses can be anything the bookmaker wants it to be. It might be plain cash to use for bets, it might be free bets, it might be cashback, or it might be boosted odds. Every type of unique bookmaker bonus can be a part of deposit bonuses in the UK.

No Deposit Bonuses

Just the opposite of what Jimmy said in the previous section, the deposit part, to be precise. The whole charm of a no deposit bonus lies in the fact that you don’t have to deposit to qualify for this promotion.

In most cases, no deposit bonuses are offered during the registration process. It’s because that’s the perfect opportunity to show gratitude to a new punter. Like deposit bonuses, no deposits can be free cash, free bets, and everything else.

Free Bets

Well, now we’re entering the exclusive bookmaker bonus zone. At least, that’s what Jimmy says. You’ll only find free bets in online sportsbooks and nowhere else. If you’re familiar with vouchers, it’d be easier for you to understand what free bets are.

In simple words, free bets are betting vouchers awarded to players. If you receive a £10 free bets voucher, you can place a bet worth £10. No more, no less. Unlike free cash, you don’t get the flexibility to use the bonus as you see fit.

Now, free bets might be a simple concept, but there are a few variations of the same thing.

  • Risk-Free Bets: These bets follow the same rules, but they’re risk-free. It means if your first wager fails, the bookmaker will reinstate it. You may get another free bets voucher of the same value or get the funds in real money.
  • Deposit Free Bet: To get these bonuses, you must deposit first. So, technically, it’s a deposit bonus.
  • Bet to Get Free Bets: These are similar to those you already know, but you must bet first. Once you place a bet following all the terms and conditions, the bookmaker will only offer you a bonus for this category.

Boosted Odds

If you hold a passion for sports betting, you must know the odds, right? Odds are one of the fundamental elements of sports betting. And boosted odds are exactly what they sound like.

The bookmaker will boost the existing odds when you qualify for this bonus. As a result, you’ll win more than you’re supposed to from a particular event. What events qualify for this promotion are always predetermined by the operator.

Terms & Conditions for the Bookmaker Bonuses

We thought the discussion would end with the bonuses. But Jimmy stopped us to explain that we can’t do anything of value without understanding the terms and conditions associated with the rewards. It would be a waste of time if someone tried to claim a bonus without considering the terms and conditions.

So, Jimmy will explain the terms associated with the bonuses as simply as possible.

  • Wagering Requirements

If there’s one thing common between casino and sports betting bonuses, it would be wagering requirements. It indicates how many times you have to wager (use) the bonus funds to unlock it for withdrawal.

You can’t withdraw the bonus cash funds or the winnings from the free bets immediately after settlement. Rather, if the wagering requirement is 5x, you must use the bonus money 5 times on the eligible events to get it. So, if you get a £10 bonus and the wagering is 5x, you must wager £50 to convert the bonus into real money.

  • Minimum Odds

It is an exclusive term for bookmaker bonuses only. You must select events with the specified minimum odds for the wagering purpose or the free bets. If it says 0.5/1 minimum odds must be maintained, you can’t go under that.

As we were confused why this is a requirement, Jimmy explained that it’s to ensure no one abuses a bonus. Because shorter odds imply favourite teams or players, and it’s the most likely outcome. If you complete the wagering process by wagering on extreme favourite teams, it’s not fair for the bookmaker. 

  • Minimum/Maximum Deposits

There will always be a minimum and maximum deposit range for deposit bonuses. If you deposit below the minimum, you won’t qualify. If you go over, the extra deposit won’t bring any value for the rewards.

  • Expiry Date

Last but not least, every bookmaker bonus will have an expiry date. You can’t expect to find a bonus that lasts forever. So, when you get one, make sure you complete the wagering within the specified time.

Wrapping Up

Here at Mexico Daily Post, we had a wonderful time as Jimmy Daytona explained the bonuses at sportsbooks as simply as possible. We’ve learned a lot of new things. We surely hope that it’s the same for you.