AMLO’s “mornings conferences” anti democratic and political propaganda, legislators propose to regulate them and set limits


In the recent elections, in 6 entities, citizens were able to listen to the “morning” 52 days out of 60 days, a good part of them dedicated to criticizing the opposition.

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With more than 860-morning conferences by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador since the administration began, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is now going to regulate them, since they were “one of the main elements that generated inequity” in the last elections in six states, they denounce in an initiative presented before Congress.

According to the initiative, it is intended to regulate the content of the morning sessions so that it is effectively informative and a space for accountability, not for political-electoral promotion, because from there, they say, “political competition has been distorted, it has fact inequitable because the president favors certain characters with his comments or disfavors them according to his own criteria and convenience”, states the federal deputy Sofía Carvajal Isunza.

In the campaigns that have just passed, the president made various political-electoral remarks from his conferences, either for the electrical reform that he promoted, for the process of revoking the mandate, or, directly, to criticize opposition politicians, as was the case with the candidate for Va por Hidalgo, the PRI member Carolina Viggiano, about whom she spoke on nine occasions.

That is why the PRI, through Carvajal Isunza, presented the reform initiative to the General Law of Social Communication, in which it reasoned that although presidential conferences are communicative exercises that have always existed, excesses have been generated that must be submitted. to the law.

Only in the recent elections in six entities, during the almost two months of campaigning, citizens were able to listen to the morning conferences of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for at least 52 days out of 60, that is, almost two full months.

“We could say that there are consequences of the morning sessions on Sunday’s results because the president dedicated himself to saying the same thing every day, and even attacking some opponents, and thus influences the perception of citizens, which does not allow people decide freely”, establishes the PRI legislator.

“And when there is no freedom or equity to compete, it does influence, obstructs democracy, so what is being put at stake in the country’s democratic life,” he says in an interview.

In addition, a study by the Technological Institute of Higher Studies (ITESO) through its academic laboratory Signa Lab stands out, according to which the “mañaneras” are not only disseminated by government media, but also on social networks, which enhances their effect.

ITESO points out that each morning conference from Monday to Friday lasts an average of 116 minutes and that YouTube “has become the largest repository and one of the largest spaces for the circulation of information from the Presidency, from where its speech is filtered, amplified and shaped. ”.

Throughout the day, the information issued by the president circulates in the media and when broadcast on social networks, “they escape control of times and guidelines, for which the federal government occupies the national media agenda permanently” with messages with a “strong ideological load and political promotion with a partisan bias, making the morning conferences a preponderantly dominant program,” according to the study.


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