Puerto Vallarta will have a special gay police unit


The city has a new Police Commissioner, who is now Commander Israel de Jesús García Mosqueda, who replaces Captain Luis Fernando Viveros, who retired from office for health reasons.

In his first meeting with local security commanders, the commander assured that “in Puerto Vallarta, there will be a trained, equipped police force with different specialized branches within the corporation that come to support the different security issues and for the good of the citizens. ”.

Likewise, he announced that in the near future the new patrols required by the municipality will be delivered to reinforce its presence in the neighborhoods, once the efforts are completed, which Captain Viveros began at the time.

In addition, the government of Mayor Luis Alberto Michel, together with the commissioner, will work so that Puerto Vallarta returns to being the number 1 municipality in the perception of security within the INEGI survey.


Finally, the municipality will have units and elements specialized in dealing with cases of violence and emergencies for the gay community, with the aim of responding to the needs of LGBT people who have an important presence and social impact in Puerto Vallarta, being This is the first police corporation in Mexico to have such a team and a focused area.

Source: vallartaenlinea.com

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