Aguascalientes was the guest state in the Week of Mexico in Canada


From May 19 to 24, Aguascalientes participated as a guest state in the Week of Mexico in Canada, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of Mexico and which took place in the capital Ottawa and symbolically in the city ​​of Montreal, with the purpose of strengthening relations between the two countries in economic, cultural and tourist areas.

Various activities aimed at showing the identity of Aguascalientes were carried out, such as the National Fair of San Marcos, gastronomic tastings and mariachi concerts, among others, in addition to the conference "From the Garbancera Skull to the Catrina", given by the professor Jorge Campos Espino.

He added that there was a representation of companies with the Made in Aguascalientes distinction label, pointing out that the products to be exhibited evoke the nostalgia market among Latinos, thereby seeking to generate commercial links with new clients and distributors to enter foreign markets and thus a way to boost the growth of local businesses.

Source: Innovación Economica

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