Cancun public transport caos as passengers try to get home in due to storm


The torrential downpour delays public transport routes that depart from downtown Cancun.

Rains collapse public transport in Plaza Las Américas in Cancun. Meanwhile, users on social networks report complications in reaching their homes.

Derived from the torrential downpour that hit Cancun a few hours ago, the public transport bus and combi service is collapsed, a fact that is especially evident in the whereabouts of Plaza Las Américas.

Cancún: Caos en el paradero de combis y autobuses de plaza Las Américas.

In that place, where a good part of the combi and bus routes converge, hundreds of passengers wait for an opportunity to board public transport, whose units extended coverage times.

This, is due to the floods and flooding that affect many streets and avenues of Cancun.

Fuertes lluvias de Agatha afectan la zona hotelera de Cancún - Actualidad  Cuba

In fact, the situation arose in the early hours of the afternoon.


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