Peña de Bernal is the ultimate Pueblo Mágico in the state of Queretaro (VIDEO)


If you plan to stay in the cosmopolitan city of Querétaro, be sure not to pass up the chance to visit the nearby pueblos mágicos. Bernal is a charming local village bursting with character and overlooked by the impressive Peña de Bernal monolith with chapel and hiking routes.

Being one of the tallest monoliths in the world, it is a popular spot for climbers.

Walk through Bernal’s brightly colored streets starting at the Santa Cruz church and make your way towards the Museum of Masks.

It will be hard not to be tempted off route by the smells of tasty street food coming from local eateries. Shopping is also a temptation, especially when the local stalls are filled with handmade, colorful creations, only found in Mexico. Return to the bustling city of Querétaro and rest in one of the city’s top hotels before venturing off to more beautiful cities in Mexico.

Source: Youtube

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