Rumor of possible changes in Chichen Itza resurfaces

Parador turistico de Chicen Itza Juan Antonio Osorio

CHICHÉN ITZÁ.— Before the end of the current state and federal administrations, this archaeological zone would undergo important changes, since there is a strong rumor among local service providers that the stop will be moved.

Piden salida de ambulantes en Chichén Itzá

In addition, artisans from the interior would be withdrawn and what is most striking is that the administration would remain entirely in the hands of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), thereby leaving Cultur out, although it would receive some share of the revenue. .

Service providers from the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza recalled that about seven years ago various meetings were held in the 21st century, precisely to carry out an ambitious project, but because the then-mayor Evelio Mis Tun had control of Piste nothing could be done because it was against the plans.

However, now that the PAN governs the municipality, it will be much easier to resume the plan that is intended to be carried out parallel to the Mayan train project.

According to investigations that were carried out among service providers, including tourist guides, they point out that the comprehensive project includes relocating the tourist hostel, that is, the point where the area is now entered, which would pass to the shore from the road that connects Xcalacoop with Piste, just in front of the airport.

As explained, the airport would serve as a parking lot, and in an area to be determined there would be a craft market, which indicates that the artisans would leave the interior of the area.

Se envalentonan ambulantes de la zona arqueológica de Chichén Itzá

From the toll road, where a Mayan train station would be, an access road will be built directly to the airport, so that people would arrive directly at the site.

The airway that is currently closed is a few meters from the mountain that surrounds the archaeological zone, where an overpass would be built, either so that tourists can pass or vehicles since it is a federal road that leads to Mérida, or in your case to Cancun and vice versa.

In the same way, it was reported that there is a possibility that the INAH is the only unit in charge of the administration, as it is in all the archaeological zones of the country, and only in Yucatan does Cultur intervene.

However, Cultur would be left with nothing, since it could receive direct shares from INAH, according to what the authorities determine.

Currently, Cultur charges $490 for its ticket and INAH $85, so the ticket paid by visitors is $575 per person, but when the project is completed, it is not known how it will turn out, although there is a possibility that the prices will be similar.

According to our informants, the comprehensive plan has not yet been disclosed, so as not to stir people up before time, but there is a strong rumor among the service providers at the parador.

Nothing has been done about the existence of the “duckling” tourist guides who were denounced at the time, and it seems that the authorities were not interested, presumably because many of the federal and state officials are involved in the network of corruption that prevails among them.— Juan Antonio Osorio Osorno

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