Bodega Aurrerá improves its merchandise and starts selling Michael Kors, Coach and Cartier


Cartier, Coach, and Michael Kors are already among the brands that Bodega Aurrerá sells in its online store, a bet with which it improves its retail offer.

  • Bodega Aurrerá has become the largest retail player in Mexico, due to the number of square meters that it adds to this industry within the national territory.
  • It is through an expansion of its e-commerce offer that Bodega Aurrerá enters a segment that sells products such as Coach, Cartier, and Michael Kors.
  • This series of changes have been made gradually, as part of a strategy widely used by stores in the segment, especially by competitors that have taken advantage of eCommerce.

Cartier, and Michale Kors already appear in Bodega Aurrerá ‘s inventory, at least in its online store, thus increasing the category of the leading store in the supermarket segment in Mexico.

The store’s bet has generated all kinds of comments on social networks, where the brand’s new offer has become definitive to talk about the impact that electronic commerce has today.

Under such an approach, a very important resource is evident and it is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are adapting today to current consumption.

Bodega Aurrerá and the new e-commerce model

With a marketplace-type model, many online stores have been able to expand their offer, without necessarily having the products displayed in inventory.

This strategy has allowed brands such as Bodega Aurrerá to go from only selling products such as own-brand rice or tuna to luxury products such as Cartier perfume or Coach or Michael Kors handbags.

The foregoing has helped to increase the retail profile of certain brands, not only of stores, but also of delivery apps that, like Rappi, offer the possibility of buying high-cost products such as Guess, directly from boutiques of this type.

Increase retail offer

Retail has found in the marketplace a very good strategy to strengthen brands with a large catalog of products, which undoubtedly determines the brand capacity with which many of these firms have been able to position themselves in the market.

With this, a unique offer is established with the capacity of these stores that manage to be valuable in the market and, most importantly, define the commercial capacity of a product by understanding that to the extent that the offer is worked on, greater innovation is achieved in this regard. .

Within online stores, competitors such as Bodega Aurrerá have been able to adapt to the current market.

The best time to sell

There is a great opportunity to sell in electronic commerce and with this, a very interesting resource has been defined, which undoubtedly determines activities that have managed to establish a great resource, the potential that electronic commerce has and the habits that have been formed in consumers, who have normalized this offer since they do not distinguish between categories that physically it is very evident to know the difference between a supermarket and a boutique in an exclusive place.


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