By presidential decree, dozens of flights will be moved to the AIFA on August 15

Aeromexico announced it will operate a small number of flights out of a brand new international airport in Mexico City, seen here as workers put finishing touches on it on January 21, 2022 (AFP/RODRIGO ARANGUA) (RODRIGO ARANGUA)

MEXICO CITY, (May 11, 2022) – Mexico’s president said on Tuesday, May 10 authorities would cap operations at Mexico City’s main airport and begin moving dozens of flights to the newly built hub known as AIFA, after a string of incidents fed concern about air safety at one of Latin America’s busiest intersections.

After meetings with airlines and aeronautical authorities, the government said it wanted to schedule more than 100 daily flights at the new Felipe Angeles International Airport north of the capital, which is so far running a small fraction of that number.

In a statement, it said the first phase of that process would begin on Aug. 15, and the second, a month later.

Furthermore, no new flights to the capital’s existing Benito Juarez International Airport would be authorized from now on, and there would be no increase in operations beyond slots already assigned for the summer 2022 season, it added.

Charter and national cargo flights will be immediately moved to the Felipe Angeles airport, the government said.