Bride accepts a motorcycle ride on the Mexico-Toluca highway; video goes viral


The woman, who was already dressed as a bride, was trapped in vehicular traffic that caused a road incident last Saturday.

Better late than never… A bride who got stuck in traffic on the México-Toluca highway went viral for accepting a motorcyclist to give her a ‘hike’ to get to her wedding on time. 

The events were captured by people traveling some vehicles behind. The vehicle went viral on social networks where users applauded the daring of the bride and the kindness of the motorcyclist. 

They are going to give the bride a ride on a motorcycle because if she doesn’t, she won’t arrive”, is heard narrating the people who captured the moment that was left for the anecdote. 

In the video, it can be seen that the bride, wearing a flowing white dress, is helped by two women to get on the back of the motorcycle. One of them was apparently traveling with her in the vehicle, as she was dressed as a guest. 

The viral moment occurred at the height of La Marquesa in the direction of Mexico City. 

Last Saturday a road accident on the Mexico-Toluca highway collapsed vehicular traffic after a vehicle overturned at the height of the municipality of Ocoyoacac.

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