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Homeless problem getting out of control in Puerto Vallarta

The director of Municipal Tourism, José Ludvig Estrada Virgen, lamented the proliferation of homeless people and homeless people in the center of the city, which he said affects the image of the destination, in addition to the fact that they are already a danger because some are aggressive.

“The truth is a problem, if we have some complaints, there are homeless people who walk along the boardwalk or through the streets, I had to see someone in the past who asked for 20 pesos, and if people did not give it to him, he would start to mistreating and demanding…people like that come and offend people”, shared the municipal official.

There are several cases like these:

“Another tourist passed by who told us that a homeless person is drunk on the boardwalk, urinated on, as you can see, visitors enjoy the boardwalk and that is bad, it damages the image of our destination, I don’t know where so many homeless people come from, how they are coming to Puerto Vallarta or why the family is leaving them here in this city”.

He indicated that the Municipal Tourism office receives from visitors one to two complaints per day from the homeless. He recognized the effort made by the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family, DIF Vallarta, to address the problem and try to return them to their families and places of origin. 

“We receive one or two complaints a day, sometimes there are none, but they are things that you see here in the city center. Fortunately, the DIF is beginning to locate their families and is relocating them. The other day I was with Father Roberto, here in the church of Guadalupe, he told us that there are families who leave their people there to ask for money”, he highlighted.

Ludvig Estrada considered the negative of this situation:

“It looks bad, because we are talking about our parish and the image of destiny, we have nothing against people, but the family must be with them, take charge, it is not possible for them to abandon them and wander around the center.”

The truth is that every day this social phenomenon grows more, there are more people of all ages who sleep, do their physiological needs and sleep on the streets of Puerto Vallarta, the same on sidewalks, as under bridges, beaches, boardwalks and the Cuale River Island.

To the complaints of the neighbors, the call for attention from the visitors has already been added, urging a comprehensive solution.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx, noticiaspv.com.mx

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