The presence of Central American migrants in Puerto Vallarta grows


The most serious problem occurs in the central area of ​​Puerto Vallarta, in areas near the pedestrian bridge of the Cuale River and towards the island, reaching the El Caloso neighborhood where it is evident that there are many more destitute than in other years.

There is great confusion regarding the presence of homeless people in our city because in addition to these homeless people there are those who come from other latitudes such as South America since we noticed the arrival of entire families of South Americans who also roam the city.

Although they are not very accessible to talk, it can be observed that indeed the way of speaking and the way of expressing themselves is different, thus we realize that it is Central or South Americans who are apparently passing through to the United States.

In order to eat, these people go down the street picking up cans or some recyclables that they can carry to sell in this sense, we must mention that some have settled in camps along the Cuale River but in the early morning they collect everything and then continue their activities during the day to return at night.

In the area of ​​the island of children that is known to the northern part of the island of Cuale, they denounced that one of the abandoned premises had been invaded and used as a home, we even found this place that had already closed parts of the windows where the hardware to enter.

Apparently the patch that they put on the window would be enough to prevent them from getting in, but now they found the entrance at the back where they already use it as a home.

In this sense, the future for Puerto Vallarta does not look flattering where these homeless people take over other places every day without the authorities having the possibility of giving them a solution there is no area where they can be assisted or where they can stay at night where they can spend the night and not stay in the street.

It is impossible to prevent them from wandering the streets because that violates their human rights. They have all the freedom according to our Constitution to walk freely through our streets without anyone preventing them.

If the growth continues as it continues with these families arriving from other latitudes to our destination, the authorities will have to implement plans especially to support those people who bring minors as we have observed the images with those who roam the streets, children who do not go to the school, they are not well fed.

A problem that should interest the system for the integral development of the DIF family.


The Guadalajara Post