AMLO urges the U.S. to invest in Central America to curb migration


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Wednesday, May 4th, urged the United States to boost investment in Central America to help curb migration, saying not enough had been done.

“Almost nothing has been invested so far,” Lopez Obrador told a regular news conference, making reference to prior U.S. commitments to invest in Central America.

Lopez Obrador suggested the U.S. government was taking longer to address the Central America issue than it did to approve funds to help Ukraine combat Russia after the invasion.

“We are asking them to hurry. (Washington) managed in a few days to send $30 billion for defense to Ukraine and four years have passed without the authorization of $4 billion for Central America,” he said.

The president said Central American leaders are asking for the funds, which are necessary to boost economic growth and keep citizens from migrating.

Asked about the government’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Lopez Obrador said his administration will not impose sanctions on Russia and called for dialogue.

Source: OEM

Mexico Daily Post