4 Stunning Types of Gemstone Found in Mexico

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Do you know that the most precious and semi-precious gemstones are found in Mexico? Since the beginning of time, people have been attracted to beaming stones. Apart from making you dream, gemstones can transmit certain emotions to you. The precious stones in Mexico can create allure and enchantment.

Mexican gemstones are synonymous with high-quality ornaments and jewelry for all genders. However, these stones are valued according to their use. For example, some precious stones are used for worship, healing, or protection.

Investing in gemstones offers aesthetic beauty and potential investment advantages due to their rarity and desirability. Gemstones serve as tangible assets that can appreciate in market worth, allowing for portfolio diversification. Additionally, it is crucial to consider to invest in gold bars, as gold provides enduring stability, acting as a universal store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainties. Combining the captivating beauty of gemstones with the security and long-term potential of gold bars creates a well-rounded portfolio that offers both aesthetic enjoyment and financial resilience.  

The following are some of the most stunning gemstones you can find in Mexico:

  1. Peridot: Lime-Green Gemstone

The beauty of peridot emanates from extreme conditions created by erupting volcanoes or meteors falling on earth in some cases. Although a few samples of space peridot are faceted into gems, most of it is formed deep below the earth’s surface under intense heat and pressure.

The lime green of peridot has a distinct signature. Although emeralds are the most popular precious stone in green, they consider peridot the “evening emerald” due to its olive tinge and subtle hue.

Depending on the size and quality of the gemstone, the value and price of peridot rings can vary greatly. While jewelers can make all kinds of jewelry from peridot, you should handle them with care due to their softness.

There are plenty of gemstones scattered in all corners of Mexico. Some of the gemstones are highly regarded due to their historical and spiritual significance. However, you can personalize the significance of any gemstone to suit your needs.

  1. Opal

Opal is an extremely rare gemstone. Most of the opal you see today in jewelry is artificial to allow many people access to its stunning beauty and charm. Check out the perfect opal collections and other glamorous gemstones at www.adinaeden.com. Opal is the product of intense but intermittent rains that plagued the desert regions of Mexico. 

The water from these rains seeped into the rock, forming the stunning colors seen in opal. However, there are no two pieces of opal that are alike. Amazing, right?

The color of opal emanates from fine traces of iron oxide. It has a hardness of between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. But some types of opal, especially the fire opal, are somewhat sensitive and may require a protective setting.

Since no opals are alike, you can differentiate them by observing their quality, facets or cuts, and the play of color. Even people that do not subscribe to superstitions surrounding the energies in the stones and the forces emanating from them will feel some warmth when they see an opal.

Opal is regarded as October’s birthstone. This tradition is from the Anne of Geierstein novel by Sir Walter Scott. Before this designation, it was thought to possess the ability to give its owners the power of prophecy and protection from illness. Its beautiful mosaic of colors makes it one of the luckiest precious stones.

  1. Turquoise

Apart from Mexico, turquoise is only found in a few other places worldwide. Pound-for-pound, the best quality of turquoise is far more valuable than diamonds. It exists in various colors ranging from sky blue to dull green. Turquoise is a porous metal formed when groundwater rich in copper mixes with aluminum and phosphorus.

Given its abundance, turquoise was deemed to be the stone of the people. But in Mexico, it was known as the stone of the gods due to its natural beauty.

Today it is the most popular precious stone in Mexico, thought to represent health, happiness, and luck. It is a December gemstone and is often given as a token to celebrate a couple’s 11th wedding anniversary.

  1. Larimar

Larimar is a recently discovered gemstone featuring a teal and seal-blue coloring. It is a kind of pectolite formed through combining calcium and volcanic copper. Since this phenomenon is rare, you can only find this gemstone in only one place.

But this rarity means that the majority of the larimar appearing in popular jewelry styles is artificial. Although artificial larimar can look just as good, natural larimar has more spiritual benefits.

Unlike other popular gemstones, Larimar does not enjoy a tradition of historical importance or healing energies. It is also not a birthstone. However, it provides you with a great opportunity to create your ideas to make Larimar significant to you.

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