Mexico Calendar of holidays in May 2022


The Federal Labor Law and the SEP calendar establish dates on which work is suspended for both workers and students.

Official rest dates are usually a respite for those who work daily. The routine changes, because you can be with the family, go out for a walk, or take a short vacation.

But distinctions must be made. The holidays between students and workers do not always coincide. The Federal Labor Law (LFT) and the calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) usually have different days off.

Labor legislation establishes official days that are mandatory rest days. Article 74 of the LFT establishes the following:

  • 1 of January New Year)
  • The first Monday of February in commemoration of February 5 (Constitution Day)
  • The third Monday of March in commemoration of March 21 (Benito Juárez’s Birthday)
  • May 1 (International Labor Day)
  • On September 16 (Independence Day)
  • The third Monday of November in commemoration of November 20 (Day of the Mexican Revolution)
  • On December 1 of every six years, when it corresponds to the transmission of the Federal Executive Power
  • December 25 (Christmas)
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That is, in May it is only granted as a mandatory rest on May 1 for the Commemoration of Labor Day. However, this year it fell on a Sunday and it was not traveled to make a vacation.

If you have worked for company productivity issues, you have the right to be paid triple your ordinary salary for the day, according to the Federal Labor Attorney’s Office (Profedet).

For students, there are dates for suspension of classes. On Thursday, May 5, due to the celebration of the Battle of Puebla, there will be no academic activities, although there will be no long weekend because the school sessions resume the next day.

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On Friday, May 27, there will be no classes due to the School Technical Council, therefore, there will be a long weekend holiday.

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