Video: Gunshots between CJNG against Pajaros Sierra cartel in Mazamitla, tourists panic as they try to flee


The municipal president, Jorge Magaña, asked the population to stay in their homes and not expose themselves in public places

Tourists and inhabitants of Mazamitla report that multiple gunshots are heard in the Magical Town.

The municipal president, Jorge Magaña, published an alert message to the population on his Facebook page.

” I make an attentive appeal to citizens to stay in their homes and not expose themselves in public places. We ask the population to remain calm in these difficult times, I will be informing them about the situation.”

The shootings began around 2:00 p.m., near the town of La Estacada.

Personnel from the Ministry of National Defense, National Guard, and State, and Municipal Police are already being transferred to protect citizens and tourists.

Federal and state elements arrived in the conflict zone after removing blockades with burning cars and took control of the area. 

Shooting in Mazamitla generates panic among tourists |  Videos

He announced the existence of three blockades and two fires, for which the operation was activated with the support of federal forces, including the participation of helicopters.

The shooting caused panic among the visitors of the magical town. In one of the most widespread scenes, it can be seen that passers-by had to seek refuge while appreciating the spectacle of the Papantla flyers.

Mazamitla is located on the border between Jalisco and Michoacán, an area in which the Jalisco New Generation Cartel is in dispute with criminal cells with which they previously maintained an alliance, which fractured after the massacre in San José de Gracia, a town located seven kilometers from the magical town.

The Pajaros Sierra cell would have broken relations with the CJNG after hitmen under the orders of El Toro broke into the funeral of El Pelón ‘s mother, which resulted in the massacre of the men of the rival criminal cell.

In mid-March, the four-letter cartel declared its intentions to exterminate its former partners from the area due to the events that occurred on February 27 against El Pelón, who had been exiled to the state of Colima.

The Jalisco Security Secretariat confirmed that the detonations of the firearm corresponded to a confrontation between two organized crime groups, which was dealt with by a deployment of elements of the State Police, National Guard and the National Defense Secretariat ( Sedena).

In the same way, Enrique announced that state and federal security personnel mobilized to dismantle the drug blockades and arsons that were registered in various points of the entity, whose locations were not revealed by the authorities.

On March 10, the CJNG entered one of the municipalities on the border with Michoacán to exhibit its war power, since more than a dozen trucks in which subjects carrying long weapons were transported.

That day, two agents of the Municipal Police of Tamazula de Gordiano were shot during an armed incursion by CJNG gunmen in the Garita delegation in the entity, where they also shot at paramedics who were treating victims of a road accident. on the road to Morelia.

One day after the violent events, Enrique Alfaro announced that two cargo trucks had been burned in the entity, which presumably had been used to carry out blockades in the population, for which he called on the population to remain calm.

After 4:00 p.m., the municipal president Jorge Magaña reported that a ceasefire had been registered.

At this time, the ceasefire is reported in the clashes registered a few hours ago in the Municipality. The blockade of the 3 main road accesses to the Municipality is reported.

Balacera en Mazamitla, Jalisco, termina con 3 muertos

Later, he reported that traffic was opened on the Mazamitla-Tuxcueca highway, which connects with Guadalajara. 

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