A tourist from the U.S. jailed for bringing marijuana to Puerto Vallarta


A tourist landed from the United States in Puerto Vallarta, however, upon landing he was intercepted by customs agents who took him to where his luggage was.

There, they showed him a bag with 26.8 grams of marijuana, which the foreigner said was his for his own consumption.

For this reason, and not being able to offer papers of legal origin of the weed, the man was arrested by the Police at the instructions of the customs and immigration service.

This person is probably responsible for committing the crime against health in the form of introducing cannabis Sativa (marijuana) into the country.

According to the investigation folder, members of the National Guard and Foreign Trade personnel of the Tax Administration Service detained the accused by conducting a random inspection of his luggage in the international passenger lounge of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and assured the inside his suitcase, a bag with 26 grams 800 milligrams of cannabis Sativa (marijuana).

It should be noted that when requesting the documentation that will guarantee the legal introduction of the drug into the country, Zachary “D” stated that he did not have it.

Due to the aforementioned fact, the accused was placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry of the FGR, who in turn referred him to the Specialized Judge, who described the detention as legal and issued the order linking him to the process for the aforementioned crime. .

As a precautionary measure, Zachary “D” will be in detention in Jalisco.

A District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Penal System imposed the order of connection to process against Zachary “D”, who has already been ordered preventive detention in the Puente Grande prison until his hearing is held.

Source: vallartaenlinea.com, tribunadelabahia.com.mx, noticiaspv.com.mx

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