For 10 years raised puppies and sold them in tacos in Tultitlán


Enjoying a delicious dinner is one of the pleasures that we all deserve, however, many times due to the rush and more, we usually eat in some street stalls without knowing exactly what we are consuming. This is what happened to some diners who discovered that their taqueria was serving them dog meat. Here we tell you the details.

Where did they sell dog meat?

The facts were made known after a complaint made by the residents of the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood, in the municipality of Tultitlán, State of Mexico, because the heat of the last few days in the center of the country caused a fetid smell that each time it became more unbearable and that it emanated from a home on Sostenes Rocha street.

According to the inhabitants of the area, 10 years ago they began to see two men, with boots and a butcher’s apron who entered and left that place, which also served as a farm, and who claimed to be selling tacos. in CDMX.

How did they discover they sold dog meat?

Residents became suspicious of that place when they realized the number of dogs that were there and those that were reported missing in the area. But getting the authorities to that location didn’t happen overnight. First, the settlers went to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“They didn’t listen to us, they sent us to the Tlalnepantla Prosecutor’s Office, they told us no, that it’s federal, that nothing can be done, that we go to Civil Protection, Civil Protection came and didn’t say anything,” said Fernanda, a local neighbor.

It was until some neighbors got together and decided to block the López Portillo road, on April 19, to attract attention.

With that, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office finally went to number 3 Sostenes Rocha Street. The home, divided into two patios with three rooms each, was full of garbage, scattered clothing, furniture, sacks, drums, and sheets of asbestos.

After noticing the unsanitary conditions in which the dogs were kept and the findings they made, such as finding bones of those animals or bottles of muriatic acid, the agents arrested the two men, identified as Julio César “N” and Jorge “N”. .

Detenidos por vender tacos de perro en CDMX

Almost 40 dogs were on the property; five were rescued by the Mundo Patitas foundation, which supported the inhabitants in giving them custody of the rest of the dogs. The detainees were transferred to the Cuautitlán Izcalli Prosecutor’s Office, where they face the crimes of trespassing, animal abuse and health.


The Mexico City Post