AMLO has two new ‘enemies’ soda and ‘air’ in chips


AMLO said in the morning that it is cheaper to prepare French fries at home than to buy them in ‘bags’.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has two new enemies of food: soft drinks and the air that the ‘chips’ sell.

During his “morning” this Tuesday, he commented that it is cheaper to prepare French fries than to buy them in bags, in addition, he added that there are people who use a drink to polish metals. 

“It is cheaper to make the potatoes at home than to buy them in the bags, I leave it there for homework, they remove the air, how much is left? (…) Some people told me that when they needed to polish a metal, they used a soft drink that I am not going to say its name, to make it shine,” he said.

“Imagine how the intestines, the stomach are,” he questioned. In that sense, she asked to eat well and say no to junk food and obesity.

Given this, Mexicans must make an effort for prevention, he considered. Likewise, he referred that there are foods whose cost is not high and that are related to nutritional education.

AMLO’s statements come after being questioned about whether the end of the COVID-19 epidemic in Mexico is approaching.

In this regard, the federal president indicated that his government will continue to pay attention to any situation, so they will spend more time consolidating the health system.

“We have mortality due to incurable diseases that we have to attend to, for example, heart attacks are in the first places of mortality in the country,” said AMLO.

And he doesn’t like the UNAM motto either.

“For my race the spirit will speak”: this is the motto of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)… and that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) does not like. Why?

According to the federal president, he does not believe in races but in cultures.

“I don’t even believe in races, I believe in cultures, I admire Maestro Vasconcelos, but I don’t agree with him on that, with the UNAM motto,” he said in Tuesday’s morning show.

In that sense, he stressed that each person can think freely. He added that “racism, classism, and discrimination are emerging and coming to the fore.”


Mexico Daily Post