There’s a thriving Black Expat community in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Kimberly West, 53, had a multifaceted career. She’d owned a restaurant and a farm, worked in corporate America, and transitioned into her own business as an information technology consultant.

Four years ago, West needed a new adventure. An easier lifestyle with access to fresh foods and close proximity to water. She chose Playa del Carmen.

On any given week, West can be found connecting with her husband and her stepsons in his Atlanta home or hers in Mexico. She also meets up regularly with the thriving Black Expat community in Playa.

Since West’s relocation, weekly Soca dance parties have grown in popularity. Her circle of friends also has been known to belt out their favorite ’90s classics during karaoke night at Club Social. If not dining at Rockas, a popular Jamaican restaurant, West invites her tribe over to her place where she grills up a few lamb chops.

While they enjoy their lives in Mexico, West and Bold are open to relocating to any country that allows them the privilege of rest, comfort, and community.

“I want an intentional village,” Bold explains. “Where we all fully believe that without each other, we don’t exist.”

That village doesn’t have to be in Mexico or the U.S. Being open to adventure guarantees the journey to their “forever country” will be just as joyous as their path to Playa.

Source: USA Today

Mexico Daily Post