End of the pandemic? 65% of Mexicans plan to travel in the first half of 2022


In contrast, the 35% of Mexicans who will not travel highlight the restrictions of the pandemic, lack of money, and the prioritization of savings.

65% of Mexicans plan to make a trip in the first half of this year, causing a demand that arose as a result of the health restrictions derived from the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, according to the EY Future Consumer Index report. .

“Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a large amount of frustrated demand that has translated into a renewed interest of Mexican tourists in traveling, once the Covid-19 restrictions allow it. In this new phase of the pandemic, and ahead of the Easter holidays, tourism in Mexico is expected to recover,” said Francisco Olivares, Lead Consumer Partner at EY Latin America North.

The report pointed out that 20% of the Mexicans surveyed plan to make a trip in the first half of the year; 45% do not yet have a reservation but plan to do so, and 36% are not looking to leave or book travel in the coming months.

Among the reasons for Mexicans not to go on vacation: 39% of those surveyed indicated that they expect health restrictions to be reduced due to the pandemic; 38% indicated having economic or financial concerns; 29% hope that the positive cases of the virus will decrease in order to continue with their vacation plans, and 28% have savings plans for the future.

“Many people want to make up for lost time and escape the pressures of the post-pandemic world. This is an opportunity for hotel, tourism and restaurant companies to offer promotions and, above all, experiences, which are increasingly appreciated by consumers, in addition to continuing to take care of the sanitary measures that they implement in their establishments since the 75% of those surveyed indicated that it will take them from 6 months to two years to completely eliminate the fear of Covid-19,” added Olivares. 

In that sense, 43% of the Mexicans surveyed who do plan to go on vacation in the coming months plan to spend more during their trips compared to 2019 levels; 38% plan to spend the same as they did before Covid-19, and 19% plan to spend less.

Source: forbes.com.mx

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