Security operation begins for Easter in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Authorities from the three levels of government joined forces to provide security to the inhabitants and visitors of San Cristóbal

Different security forces at the three levels of government gave the start signal for the Tourist Holiday Operation for Holy Week and Easter 2022, who pointed out that this union of efforts, federal, state and municipal, are carried out with the objective of generating the measures necessary and comply with the protocols that provide a safe environment, as well as safeguard the integrity of visitors and residents, an action plan has been implemented in conjunction with various institutions to provide timely care and assistance, which contribute to the generation of a destination competitive tourism.

“To provide that confidence, we are going to carry out coordinated work with the different security and protection corporations, to provide care and security to all visitors who pass through our city.

“In this season, each site in San Cristóbal de Las Casas is prepared to receive them,” said a representative of the local authority.

Different security forces signaled the start of the Tourist Holiday Operation for Holy Week and Easter 2022 in San Cristóbal / Phot

He thanked all the security, rescue and emergency agencies, the Civil Protection elements, who are always supporting and who have officially started the holiday season in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, “we give you the warmest of welcomes to all our national and international visitors who get to know San Cristóbal “.

Finally, the units of the dependencies at the three levels of government, after the start of the holiday operation, toured different streets of the city of San Cristóbal, committed to providing security and protection so that they have an excellent stay and take away beautiful memories. .

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