Direct flight from Puerto Vallarta to Islas Marías announced


The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that it will be possible to visit the tourist complex of the Islas Marías also by taking a flight from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

While in the archipelago inaugurating the first ferry trip from the new San Blas maritime terminal, the president said that more ferries will be purchased to take tourists from San Blas, Mazatlan, and a new terminal in Boda de Chila, near Las Varas.

However, he specified that the Tepic and Puerto Vallarta airports should also be used, either for tourism to travel from there to the ports and take the ferries, or take direct flights to the airport on Isla María Madre.

The airport complex on the island will be expanded to receive more planes, but these will be small flights of only 40 passengers.

This is what the President of the Republic said:

“We are going to talk about a circuit of Mexico City, Tepic, Mazatlán, Vallarta for the transfer of the plane and arriving here also in 40-passenger planes. The Mother Island airport is going to be expanded and what is going to help the most is the boats, the ferries.”

Although he did not give more details about investment amounts, airlines, or exact dates, the commercial arrival of tourists under prior reservation will start in June. On the islands, there will be hotels to stay in and restaurants, as well as expedition tours.


The Nayarit Post